2012 San Juan County Fair
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Results from the 2012 San Juan County Fair:

Best Of Show:
Yadhira Rice, Coconut Cake
Yadhira Rice, Apricot Leather
Tyler Price, Rhubarb
Jordyn Redd, Colage
Norma Madden, Applique Quilt
Camryn Redd, Quilt
Elise Thayn, Oil Painting
Stephanie Chapman, Autumn Leaves Photograph
Brooke Pehrson, Painted Hands Photograph
GianFranco DeAngelis, Oil Painting
Gary Guymon, Oil Painting
Vee Caroll, Flowers
Adam Bunker, Polish Top Hat Chicken
Randall Flavel, Blue Cross Rooster
Robin Garner, Quilt
Janene Fahey, Lap Afghan
Kaitlyn Montella, Patchwork Quilt
Alyssa Reeve, Cake Decorating
Autumn Allen, Scrapbooking
Kiara Pugh, Recipe Album
Cheyenne Low, Scrapbooking

Judges Choice Awards:
Stephanie Chapman, Cookies
Tamra Cordasco, Pickles
Tyler Price, Apples
Molly Anderson, Skirt
GianFranco DeAngelis, Oil Painting
Luther Wigginton, Quilt
Avery Nielson, Cookies
Brielle Rice, Dried beans picture
Lacey Hook, Photography
Janet Noirot, Photography
Craig DeHart, Oil Painting
Julie Lucero, Clay wedding sculpture
Vee Caroll, Gladiola Flower
Olivia George, Rooster
Cash Shumway, Hen and Chicken
Shirley Pehrson, Quilt
Laura Kemner, Blue Suede Doll Coat w/ skirt
Paige Palmer, Patchwork Quilt
Justus Robison, Quilt
Kamree Hoggard, Scrapbooking
Lacy Cressler, Scrapbooking
Jennifer Hoggard, Scrapbooking

Honorable Mention Awards:
Marilyn Rowley , Ginger Snaps
Yadhira Rice, Apricot turnover
Kassie Welch, Bread
Leonso Rubio, Potatos
Stephanie Chapman, Cookies
Yadhira Rice, Canned Pears
Deanne Randall, Onions
Yadhira Rice, Raspberry Jam
Megan Grover, Quilt
McKale Simpson, Photo of Corn Cobs
Anna Rowley, Cherries canned
Donna Washburn, Hybrid Rose
Vicenta Torres, Quilt
Nathan Pugh, Children and Youth
Jalen Bradford, Painting
Abigail Geisen, Photography
Brooke Pehrson, Photography
Jesse Dodds , Pencil Drawing
Richard Russell, Oil Painting
Jan Redd, Cosmos Flowers
Jan Redd, Oriental Lily Flowers
Cameron Adair, Rabbit
Mariah Halls , Chicken
Norma Madden, Quilt
Marcia Shores, Afghan
Megan Grover, Quilt
Samantha Jacobsen, Cake Decorating
Whitney Jacobsen, Watercolor
Jordan Pipkin, Scrapbooking
Brittney Carlson, Scrapbooking

Peoples Choice Awards:
Tuff Adair, Pinewood Derby Car
Nathan Pugh, Cabbage
Jennifer Hoggard, Scrapbook
Kamree Hoggard, Scrapbook
Brooke Pehrson, Photo
Kyleigh Adair, Bunny
Kellie Keyes, Carrot Cake
Yadhira Rice, Coconut Cake
Stephanie Chapman, Mile High Brownies

4-H Going to State
Whitney Jacobsen, Watercolor
Easton Bowring, Photograph
Paige Palmer, Quilt
Kaitlyn Montella, Quilt
Alyssa Reeve, Cake Decorating
Justus Robison, Quilt
Abby Jacobsen, Sewing
Anna Rowley, Sewing

Scrapbooking Division:
Brianna Pugh, Jordan Pipkin, Cheyenne Low, Sheri Pugh, Sue Morrell, Jessica Olsen, Brandy Cressler, Jamie Pipkin

Managers Award Winners:
Jalen Bradford, Painting
Julie Butler, Red Velvet Cake
Carol Brewer, Quilt
Mandy Woodard, Jewlery
Quilt N Time Quilters, Quilt
Amber Marian, Quilt
Katelyn Pehrson, Painting
Amanda Hillhouse, Painting
Kendra Parker, Jam
Samantha Jacobsen, Cake Decorating
Hannah Parker, Pickles
Conner Montella, Quilt

Wyatt Wheeler, Grand Champion
Anna Trevizo, 1st Reserve
Hunter Young, 2nd Reserve
Wyatt Wheeler, Showmanship Hogs:
Wyatt Wheeler, Grand Champion
Braylee Wheeler, 1st Reserve
Jensen Grover, 2nd Reserve
Jensen Grover, Showmanship

Brayson Wilcox, Grand Champion
Tel Walker, 1st Reserve
Dillan Wheeler, 2nd Reserve
Tel Walker, Sr. Showmanship
Dillan Wheeler, Jr. Showmanship
LaShay Lewis, Rate of Gain
Shelly Lewis, Herdsman

Mckady Grover, Grand Champion
Carsyn Endres, 1st Reserve
Kelsey Flavel, 2nd Reserve
Natalie Flavel, Sr. Showmanship
Randall Flavel, Jr. Showmanship
Randall Flavel, Rate of Gain
Mariah Halls, Herdsman

Ridge Holt, Grand Champion
Elli Nielson, 1st Reserve
Tel Walker , 2nd Reserve
Tel Walker, Sr. Showmanship
Randall Flavel, Jr. Showmanship
Ellie Nielson, Rate of Gain
Christensens, Herdsman

Amanda Grover, Grand Champion
Jessie Ivins, 1st Reserve
Megan Grover, 2nd Reserve
Amy Reeve, Sr. Showmanship
Cordell Walker, Jr. Showmanship
Guy Tracy, Rate of Gain
Tracy’s, Herdsman

ATV Class:
Willie Hopkins, 1st
Joe Harris, 2nd Stock Class:
Michael Adams, 1st
Spencer Frost, 2nd
Dave Roberts, 3rd Modified:
Cletis Hatch, 1st
Cody Adams, 2nd
Randy Jelly, 3rd Super Modified
Shawn Carter, 1st
Randall Jim, 2nd
Steven Randall, 3rd

1st Shawn Ivins Team
2nd Justin Ivins Team & Oscar Alvarez Team
3rd Mike Wilcox Team
Wild Cow Milking, Oscar Alvarez Team
Boot Race, Sheldon Lewis

Family Fun Games
Hula Hoop , Megan Grover
Gunny Sack Race, Shelby Lewis & Justin Ivins
Egg Toss, Tracon Jack and Jens Grover

Archery Shoot
Mens Division:
Jesse Ward, 1st
Walter Bird, 2nd
Matt Mcur, 3rd
Coby Christensen, 4th
Mario Richardson, 5th

Womens Division:
Maryssa Ryan, 1st
Tanya Fredericks, 2nd

Youth Division  
Shandon Bradford, 1st
Justin Redd, 2nd
Jake Freestone, 3rd
Matthew Benson, 4th
Tanner Holt, 5th

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