2019 San Juan County Fair results
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Round up Rodeo
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Family Fun Games
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Mud Volleyball
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Farm Bureau Talent Find
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Easton Corbin concert
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Around the Grounds
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Horse Games
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Youth Rodeo
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Scholarship Winner, Shelly Lewis

Hog Division
Hayden Shumway, Grand Champion
Caitlyn Winn, 1st Reserve Champion
Quay Walker, 2nd Reserve Champion
Paxton Christensen, Sr Showmanship Champion
Quay Walker, 2nd place Sr Showmanship
Bronson Snyder, 3rd place Sr Showmanship
Parker Snyder, Jr Showmanship Champion
Brynley Adams, 2nd place Jr Showmanship
Hayden Shumway, 3rd place Jr Showmanship
Parker Mower, Rate of Gain
Caitlyn & Tyler Winn, Herdsman

Lamb Division
Quay Walker, Grand Champion
London Young, 1st Reserve Champion
Taylor Barry, 2nd Reserve Champion
Quay Walker, Senior Showmanship Champion
Raylee Kelly, 2nd place Senior Showmanship
Ali Barry, 3rd place Senior Showmanship
Alise Lewis, Junior Showmanship Champion
London Young, 2nd place Junior Showmanship
Taylor Barry, 3rd place Junior Showmanship
Quinn Nebeker, Rate of Gain
Tayrn Nielson, Herdsman

Goat Division
Taylor Barry, Grand Champion
Hannah Barry, 1st Reserve Champion
Nolan Cressler, 2nd Reserve Champion
Tuff Adair , Senior Showmanship Champion
Justin Black, 2nd place Senior Showmanship
Raylee Kelly, 3rd place Senior Showmanship
Makena Cressler, Junior Showmanship Champion
Hannah Barry, 2nd place Junior Showmanship
Taylor Barry, 3rd place Junior Showmanship
Clinton Kelley, Rate of Gain
Justin Black, Herdsman

Steer Division
Oakley Adams, Grand Champion
Kooper Nielson, 1st Reserve Champion
Sadee Adams, 2nd Reserve Champion
Oakley Adams, Senior Showmanship Champion
Kash Shumway, 2nd place Senior Showmanship
Randall Flavel, 3rd place Senior Showmanship
Rylan Grover, Junior Showmanship Champion
Macee Palmer, 2nd place Junior Showmanship
Randall Flavel, Rate of Gain
Randall Flavel & Kash Shumway, Herdsman

Student Judging
Senior & Junior
1st, Raylee Kelly
1st, Drake Gates
2nd, Quay Walker
2nd, Taylor Barry
2nd, Aysia Pehrson
3rd, Bronx Black

1st, Allen Barry
2nd, Tel Walker
2nd, Travis Pehrson
2nd, Whitney Gates

Sophie Adams, Grand Champion
Jordyn Young, 1st Reserve
Mason Lyman, 2nd Reserve
Sophie Adams, Showmanship
Ridge Latham, Rate of Gain

Lyric Wilcox, Grand Champion
Bronx Black, 1st Reserve
Braddock Mortenson, 2nd Reserve
Grant Wigginton, Showmanship
Boston Monson, Rate of Gain

Bryson Adair, Grand Champion
Baylie Rose, 1st Reserve
Sianna Black, 2nd Reserve
Sianna Black, Showmanship
Elsie Grover, Rate of Gain

Diamond C, Champion
Buga Buga, 2nd place

Stock Class
1st, Edward Wing
2nd, Shantell Dahlberg
3rd, Chandler Draper
4th, Cordell Walker

Modified Stock Class
1st, Kelly Kelsey
2nd, Desteny Bingham
3rd, Jaymes Benally
4th, Danny Fredericks

Modified Class
1st, Kelly Kelsey
2nd, Ryan Jelly
3rd, Danny Fredericks

Super Modified
1st, Jake Manning
2nd, Jaymes Benally

Ranch Broncs
1st, Wyatt Williams
2nd, Traven Cowdell
3rd, Isaiah Ethington

Youth Barrels
1st, Reana James
2nd, Angela Halls
3rd, Kinley Noyes

Ladies Barrels
1st, Amy Camacho
2nd, Shelly Lewis
3rd, Joan Wilcox

1st, Jacob Natsway

1st, Justin Ivins Team: Justin Ivins, Tyler Ivins, Tyler Nielson, Imari Nielson, Hope Holliday, Whitney Ivins
2nd, Team M&M: Matt Beh, Mark Beh, Thomas Anderson, Tristan Esplin, Shaylee Bradford, Reed Hedglin
3rd place, Nicole Holliday Team: Nicole Holliday, Annette Adams, Andy Adams, Marci Black, Taylor Black, David Ivins, Shawn Ivins
4th place, Bodell Nielson Team: Bodell Nielson, Gracee Bowers, Skylar Jensen, Ta’ssi Su’esu’e, Amber Nielson, Halli Black

1st, Adison Ivins

Sack Race
1st, Cedar English

Egg Toss
1st (tie), Justin Ivins & Ladd Ivins Cordell Walker & Hector Cordova

Breakaway – 10 and under
1st, Makena Cressler--m
2nd, Boston Monson
3rd, Tayxon Johnson

Team Roping
1st, Shawn Ivins and Colton Oliver
2nd, BJ Grover and Jensen Grover
3rd, Shawn Ivins and Nate Grover 

1st, Megan Grover, Nate Grover,Jace Palmer, Jensen Grover, Mark Jacobsen
2nd, Preston Grover, Shawn Ivins, Justin Ivins, Jake Ivins
3rd, Megan Grover, Nate Grover, Ladd Ivins, Jaden Baker
4th, Shelly Lewis, Rance Hart, Parker Riedel, Ean Ellis

Team Roping
1st, Shawn Ivins, Tyrel Cressler, Kade Francom
2nd, Tyler Ivins, Kasey Carlson, Tyrel Cressler
3rd, Tyler Ivins, Steve Bennett, Jake Ivins, Gene Cressler

Beginners (Ages 6 and under)
1st, Laurel & Linden English and Thea Pettit
2nd, Evelyn Black

Juniors (Ages 7 - 12)
1st, Brittany Jensen and Mccoy Lyman
2nd, Olivia Nielson and Keezie Flannery
3rd (Tie), Kynnedy Bingham, Lucy Black, Lydia Black, Aspen Palmer, and Elsie Grover

Intermediate (Ages 13 - 18)
1st, Joy Parker
2nd, Collin LaGiglia
3rd, Elise Thayn

Seniors (Ages 19 & Up)
1st, Lamoni Barlow
2nd, Chris Foster

Best of Show
Tyson Wheeler, Children & Youth
Stephanie Chapman, Flowers
Loren Holyoak, Apricot Nector
Nathan Chamberlain, Illusion EndTable
Stephanie Chapman, Photo ofHummingbird
Teegen Olson, Scrapbooking
Kamree Hoggard, Scrapbooking
Cheyenne Low, Scrapbooking
Yadhira Rice, Raspberry Streusel Bars
Loren Randall Holyoak, Cabbage
Monette Klinkenburg, Farm LandQuilt
Nicole Holliday, Pieced Quilt
Loren Holyoak, Family Tree Quilt
Jared Skinner, Crochet Hat & Scarf
Robin Garner, Quilt
Martha Johnson, “Pig” Plant
Gianfranco Deangelis, Painting – Old Fence

Judges Choice
Kiley Porter, Children And Youth
Isaac Wytsalucy, Flowers
Yadhira Rice, Apricot Leather
Tyler Muterspaugh, Octopus Walking Stick
Stephanie Chapman, Photo “Come On Smile”
Gemma Olsen, Scrapbooking
Kamree Hoggard, Scrapbooking
Cheyenne Low, Scrapbooking
Stephanie Chapman, Sinful Fudge
Laurie Simpson, Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake
Brielle Rice, Onions
Loren Holyoak, Start Quilt
Deanne Randall, Baby Quilt
Monette Klinkenburg, Applique Owl
Tina Murdock, Sample Quilt
Tina Murdock, Black Eye Susanne
Robin Garner, Madallion Quilt
Anne Bayles, Needle Point
Patti Christensen, Baby Blanket
Deanne Randall, Bachelor Button
Elise Thayn, Pencil Drawing – Dogs
Anna Knecht, Drawing – Dad

Tasters Table
Yadhira Rice, Rasperry Bars
Laurie Simpson, Cookies
Danielle Mitchell, Cherry Pie
Sylas Holt, Fudge
Kyleigh Adair, Chocolate Chip Cookies

Honorable Mention
Mckay Neilson, Children & Youth
Sylis Holt, Children & Youth
Spencer Gosney, Children & Youth
Reecca Chamberlain, Children & Youth
Joshua Wheeler, Damascus Knife
Ocean Muterspaugh, Felted Cactus
Stephanie Chapman, Photo of Feather Detail
Marty Shupe, Photo of Cow Looking thru Fence
Katie Francom, Children & Youth
Marilyn Rowley, Dried Peaches/Apples
Laurie Simpson, Flowers
Gemma Olsen, Scrapbooking
Kolbie Hoggard, Scrapbooking
Mckenzie Lieber, Scrapbooking
Mckenzie Lieber, Scrapbooking
Jessica Olsen, Scrapbooking
Jamie Boone, Scrapbooking
Kristine Curtis, Sourdough Bread
Stephanie Chapman, GingerbreadCookies
Vanessa Bennett, Paris Cookies
Danielle Mitchell, Pumpkin MapleBread
Brielle Rice, Chocolate Zucchini Cake
Jim A Eberling, Parsley
Fidel Martinez, Red Potatoes
Deckota Halls, Grass
George L Rice, Dill
Deanne Randall, Sage
Deanne Randall, Rug
Nina Murdock, Quilt
Janette Halls, Painting – Cow
Bryant Francom, Oragami – Thinker
Bryant Francom, Oragami – Goat

Bull Riding
1st, Jensen Grover
2nd, Kash Shumway
3rd, Tyler Winn

Mutton Bustin’
1st, Swede Carlson, Kolt Kofoed, Payce Hosler
2nd, Mason Barry, Hyrum Snyder, Tyson Pehrson
3rd, Remy Bradford, Faith Snyder, Bronx Olson
4th, Diesel Black, Brystal Olson, Stihl Black, Ridge Latham

Calf Riding
1st, Bronx Black, Jaylon Crofts, Dodger Lack
2nd, Shaddlee Christensen, Cameron Adair, Chazz Sanchez
3rd, Braddock Mortensen, Jake Pehrson, Aspen Palmer
4th, Haygen Carlson, Jaren Keyes

Steer Riding
1st, Ean Ellis, Trace Bennett, Devyn John
2nd, Shawn Black, Collin Baker, Cody Alexander
3rd, Nolan Cressler, Collin LaGiglia, JD Palmer

Barrel Racing
1st, Bailey Bauer, Kambree Holiday, Brett James, Mercedes Zunich
2nd, Vincent John Jr, Taylor Harvey, Kinley Noyes, Kaia Noyes
3rd, Wyatt Harvey, Angela Halls, Devyn John, Riana James
4th, Chezney Ivins, Reanen Bauer, Averie Ivins

Pole Bending
1st, Bailey Bauer, Angela Halls, Brett James, Riana James
2nd, Wyatt Harvey, Reanen Bauer, Kinley Noyes, Chloe Talbot
3rd, Dixie Lessner, Kambree Holiday, Devyn John, Kash Shumway
4th, Vincent John Jr, Rozalyn Krist, Ali Barry

Breakaway Roping
1st, Brett James, Rance Hart
2nd, Ean Ellis, Jensen Grover
3rd, Jace Palmer

Goat Tying
1st, Ean Ellis, Riana James
2nd, Brett James, Kaia Noyes
3rd, Maci Halls, Chloe Talbot
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