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I’ve wanted to start a blog for some time now. Actually, I’ve wanted to write for a very long time, but when I sit down to write, I either ramble on a philosophical topic or write a short story with no conclusion. I have several of these in notebooks throughout the house and vow to finish something, some day. Meanwhile, the world of social media has come into fashion and for good reason; we can ramble on about philosophical things and it costs us no tangible waste, i.e. paper and pen. Well, maybe a bit of Carpal Tunnel, but it was bound to happen anyway. I wonder why my handwriting gets worse every year and then I remember, it’s because I don’t use it that often. Think about it; we hardly even write checks anymore with internet banking and forget about making your signature look legible on a card reader screen. But I digress. See how I ramble.

I have been really focused on deciding what my INTENT would be. What is the mission statement for my blog? What am I hoping to accomplish? One of the motivations is a selfish need to have some intelligent conversation. I mean the kind that you can really sink you teeth into. Who of us has the time to talk to our neighbor enough to know him let alone to have a conversation with some depth? I have to really concentrate just to allow myself a moment to listen to my kids before turning and heading out to my next task. Maybe this is just me. Maybe other people take the time to make PEOPLE a priority. It is difficult for me so I’m searching for answers. It just occurs to me that writing on my time and allowing others to read on their time makes it a bit easier to have an exchange that is not flippant or sarcastic (those happen frequently and are, by nature, quick exchanges; laugh, keep moving). My need for intellectual stimulation may be coming with age as I find it harder and harder to concentrate on one-thing-at-a-time and feel bombarded by all my responsibilities all of the time.

Another intent I have for this blog is that it be positive in nature. I enjoy FB some of the time and find myself gravitating to positive posts and positive people. But, I feel bogged down by too much pessimism and tend to avoid those posts especially because if I comment honestly on them, I get roped into an argument. I have a great confidence that people who like people can have an intelligent conversation, even if they disagree, without getting nasty. So this is my intent: Intelligent, Positive conversation, without the need for an instant response to satisfy my new addiction to immediate answers. Honestly, I cannot watch a television program or movie without whipping out my phone to look up a reference, an actor or a definition. (Perhaps this is just my madness, my hunger to know all the answers.) But instead, to have TIME to contemplate the comments and form an INTELLIGENT response, after my brain processes the smart quip response I am so prone to blurt out.

So I invite positive feedback and thoughtful responses. Who knows; we might make some new friends. ♥

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