Local residents learn from Facebook
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by Jen Mantz, Guest writer

Many people wonder what Facebook is really all about. Others have found a mechanism for meeting new people or reconnecting with friends and family.

Facebook is a social network where people have the opportunity to communicate with friends and family. Individuals create profiles with pictures, update statuses, make comments, chat and provide personal information.

Facebook features has a “news feed” where individuals can find out updated statuses on their friends or what is happening in the media.

Another Facebook feature includes security where patrons can limit who can access personal information and photos.

Facebook can be a fun social activity, but on other hand this forum has flaws that may mislead the public.

I surveyed people attempting to get their opinions about this popular social website and I discovered a broad spectrum of opinions.

People like Facebook because they can communicate and easily maintain contact with distant friends, post pictures, play games, and complete quizzes such as “what color are you?”

People also like Facebook for the security it can provide in keeping certain information private. Facebook is convenient in finding news such as the recent snow storms that caused the San Juan School District to call “snow days” closing all schools for two days in January.

On the other end of the spectrum, people hate Facebook finding it annoying or intruding. Some think Facebook can be addicting and annoying as people post unwelcome comments and pictures. And there is also the temptation to post to much personal information.

Some Facebook users tend to post rude or inappropriate comments on a particular subject. For example, cyber bullying comments like “I’m going to beat Jimmy’s face in at Friday’s game.”

Facebook can be addicting as many individuals will be on Facebook for long periods of time reviewing reading comments, posting comments, looking at pictures, and reading the “news feed.” As a Facebook user, I can say that it does get annoying when all the information comes from one user.

According to the surveys, a few individuals claimed that Myspace is better than Facebook.

People believe that Myspace is easier and better organized as it offers authorization for people to decorate their profile. Surveyors remember having bad experiences with Facebook as they were called names and threatened with fights.

In addition, a user may type a time-consuming message to a distant friend that automatically gets erased. Advertisements get in the way when a user is online. People do not like to see companies pestering them to buy products.

Many users feel pressure from excessive group invitations or signing petitions for supporting a cause with no or irreverent purposes.

Facebook has become abused in many ways. Recently authorities discovered the website contained 3,500 sexual predators. This could be a risk for many Facebook users who become obsessed with collecting as many friends as possible.

Unless users apply caution and only confirm friends who they know while avoiding strangers, Facebook can become a dangerous website.

Facebook can also provide another opportunity for cyber bullying that harasses specific users. Cyber bullying is a danger to an individual’s self-esteem and causes pressure that leads into uncomfortable situations.

For example, name calling, sexual harassment, or harmful threats toward the individual can lead people to be depressed, have low self-esteem, and even commit suicide.

Facebook can be an enjoyable social network where people can talk to friends, share pictures and information, and find old friends. Games and quizzes provide time for people to relax and relieve stress.

However Facebook also has the possibility of being bad and a nightmare. Innocent users can become addicted, provide too much personal information, and encounter sexual predators and cyber bullying if they are not careful.

I believe that Facebook can be an excellent tool for social networking as long as people are aware of its negative aspects and dangers.
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