Teacher and Employee of the Year nominations
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Gordon Reeve
Secondary Math Gordon is organized and professional. He has tons of experience. He is a teacher who will go out of his way to help kids who seek it. Gordon is the head of Monticello High School's math PLC and is an integral part of the success our school has achieved and math in recent years. This year, according to Deseret News, Monticello High School had the highest math scores in the state among public schools on our end of the year tests. Gordon plays a big role in that success!
Kathleen Ketron
Secretary Kathleen is amazing! She keeps us going no matter what happens. She treats every person she encounters with respect and professionalism. In a year with lots of changes and challenges, Kathleen has helped to keep Monticello High School on an excellent course. She is kind and professional in every interaction. We are so grateful to have Kathleen Ketron as an integral part of our team. She is amazing!


Devon Gosney
Assistant Principal/AD/Testing Coordinator Multitasker, organized, teachable, dedicated, hard-working, team player Devon has been very instrumental in helping to turn around our school culture and in the organization of school activities and events. He is very organized and detail oriented is very good at seeing what needs to be done and put in programs or scheduling and place to meet those needs. He maintains professionalism and is very respectful with students, staff, and parents. He is a great team player and a very important part of the success here at MVHS.
Lahoma Cly
Librarian/In School Suspension Lahoma is very patient and forgiving as she works with some of our most difficult students. She is very dependable and enjoy seeing the students be successful. Lahoma works very well with students and can often get students who won't work for other teachers to do work. She continuously goes the extra mile working with students even when they are disrespectful and defiant. She follows up on them to ensure that they are getting their work completed or will connect them with the right people if she is unable to help them. She is a hard worker and very dependable and is here for the kids.


Pat Pace Pat began her teaching career in 1985. She has a BS in microbiology from Colorado State University, MA in education from The University of New Mexico, and MS in chemistry from Wright State University. Hat has been a faculty member at San Juan high for 5 1/2 years. In this time she has been highly involved in the Earth Science (lead teacher) and biology PLCs, and a member of the SJH intervention climbing team. She has done an excellent job in her role as a new teacher mentor, really taking the time to help these teachers in the first years of teaching. She is a member of the district technology team, and has strive to integrate technology into her classroom, especially with the use of Chromebooks. Through her work at the state level on the Chemistry SAGE exam test question and grading rubric committees and the teacher textbook committee, she has been an advocate invoice for San Juan District's unique population of students. Pat has been comfortable teaching at San Juan High and has made long-lasting connections with students and their families. She has seem positive changes in climate and academic rigor at San Juan High, and will always strive for and envision a better future for the school and students.
Marilyn Palmer Marilyn has been involved as a para-educator for 20+ years in the SJSD. She started at the elementary school, went to the middle school, and just recently ended her career at San Juan High. Specific memories include teaching the kids how to iron and do laundry for Redd's Grocery Store. She was involved with the newspaper route for many years and recalls getting stuck in the snow, mud, and having many newspapers delivered to the roofs of houses. Marilyn always went above and beyond – never missing a moment – her students' lives where her life --- she knew what made them happy, sad, frustrated and always went out of her way to help and let them know how she cared. She walked kids down the aisle at graduation, or danced with them at the prom. Marilyn has truly enjoyed the time she is been able to spend with the many students over the years and won't forget the lasting memories. She has had many life-changing experiences she will never forget.


William (Ed) Reynolds
Language Arts Teacher It is quick to jump on the districts initiatives and support. He is also our long time sterling scholar sponsor and a frequent discussant at the schools literacy nights. Ed Reynolds is a long time language arts teacher at Whitehorse high school. He has also served as football coach and continues to serve as the sterling scholar's school level sponsor. He is also on the schools PLC committee and serves as the discussant during literacy nights. This year, Ed has been quick to implement suggestions and in making a positive effort and school improvement. It is for these reasons that Ed Reynolds is nominated for Whitehorse high school certified employee of the year.
Sylvia Mitchell
Front Office Secretary Sylvia is quick to find areas of improvement in her job as a secretary. Her knowledge of the communities that are served by Whitehorse high school is vast and thus appreciated. Fourth quarter employee school year 2013-14 Sylvia Mitchell, Whitehorse high schools long time secretary (25+ years?) is nominated for her commitment and dedication to the students, staff and community stakeholders of Whitehorse high school as well as her ability to go above and beyond what is expected of her and critical areas. Her knowledge of the community is a tremendous asset which adds to her ability to communicate effectively with students, faculty and stakeholders. Her ability to grasp new concepts and skills this year has added much to her efficiency and skill level in the front office. Sylvia Mitchell is a valued and appreciated employee of Whitehorse high school.


Sherry Porter
Physical Therapist Physical Therapy • Special Education Severe Endorsement Kindness, humor, willingness, resourceful, positive, flexible, personable, competent, collegial, self-reliant, reflective, respectful There truly is something remarkable about Sherry Porter. Not only is she a quality physical therapist but she is a wonderful team member. Two best some up Sherry Porter, I will relayed the story. We had a family in our early intervention program who could not find a place to live here in Blanding due to the long history of problems in previous rentals. So Sherry goes out and buys a house so this family will have a place to live. Sherry simply has a heart of pure gold!


Sherry Eldredge
Student Services Administrative Assistant Sherry is proactive, intuitive and in many cases is capable of administrative roles Beyond her present job responsibilities. Sherry has been an outstanding employee in every sense and is completely competent in all assignments. Sherry often goes beyond what is asked Siri has great technical expertise. She understands budget and knows how to track expenditures, run a payroll, operate accounts payable, apply for reimbursement and comply with complex program requirements. Possibly one of Sherry's strongest assets is her people skills. She is always cheerful and knows how to be firm yet positive. Sherry has the ability to deliver bad news in a positive way that results in increased understanding. When principles are confused about district requirements or budgets, Sherry is often the first person they call. She treats everyone in the office and those who visit with respect and an attitude of great customer service. Her integrity and work ethic are without question. Sherry has been completely loyal to the department and district and we will miss her greatly next year.


Anna Mae Jim
6th Grade Teacher Knows her students, knows the six grade curriculum well, has high expectations for her students and works hard to help the meet them Anna Mae is a very dedicated, hard-working teacher. She has high expectations for her students and works hard every minute of every day to help them meet them. She is always willing to share her expertise during both formal and informal collaboration times. She is constantly learning, growing, and adapting as an educator. Anna Mae has helped provide stability and strength to our school during her time at TES. She is greatly valued and respected by staff, students, and the community. We are very lucky to work beside her.
Lorraine Stanley
Computer Para/Testing Coordinator Keeps students motivated and under control, willing to help whenever needed, keeps us all on track, does more than asked for students benefit, courteous, helpful Lorraine is a very helpful and efficient person. She does so many things for us. Whenever we need help with testing or computers, she helps right away. She collaborates with us on what we want our students to do during computer time. She maintains all of our testing databases so testing goes smoothly. She also helps keep the cafeteria running well during lunch time. You can always find LaRaine where she is supposed to be when she is supposed to be there. She is Very professional, competent, and reliable. We are very lucky to have her on our staff.


Denise (Dee) Meyers Able, ambitious, bold, cheerful, compassionate, considerate, cooperative, creative, daring, energetic, friendly, fun loving, funny, happy, hard-working, helpful, honest, humble, imaginative, independent, intelligent, joyful, later, lighthearted, lovable, loyal, neat, popular, respectful, responsible, self-confident, smart, strong, successful, thoughtful and unselfish. Dee Meyers is one-of-a-kind. The staff at ARL have selected her as the ARL Employee of the Year. Not many employees take the path that she has to get to where she is today. Dee began working for the San Juan school district in 1992 as a substitute cook at Blanding Elementary School. After one year she became the BES kitchen manager. She was then transferred to Albert R. Lyman middle school as it's kitchen manager. After one year serving the students and staff lunch at ARL, she applied for and became the ARL receptionist. Dee work for two years in this role before applying for the ARL attendance secretary. After a couple of years in this role she was hired as the ARL Administrative Assistant over Finances which she has served in for almost 20 years. During this time, she has trained six principles. (Chris Johnson, Lloyd Peterson, Kline Carroll, Doris Jones, Chas DeWitt and Kim Bailey). Dee has actually witnessed the "changing of the guard" seven times, because apparently Mr. DeWitt didn't learn all he needed to learn the first time. Dee is the heart and soul of the school. She not only controls the money, but she also is great at keeping the poults of the entire school community. She is very deserving of this long-overdue recognition. Dee is the wife of Lee Meyers. They have five kids, nine grandkids and one great-granddaughter and to her, family is everything!
LaDawn Peterson
Career and Technical Education Teacher Able, ambitious, bold, cheerful, compassionate, considerate, cooperative, creative, daring, energetic, friendly fun loving, funny, happy, hard-working, helpful, honest, humble, imaginative, independent, intelligent, joyful, leader, lighthearted, lovable, loyal, neat, popular, respectful, responsible, self-confident, Smart, strong, successful, thoughtful and unselfish. LaDawn Peterson was chosen by her colleagues as this years ARL Teacher of the Year. LaDawn earned an Associate of Science degree right here in Blanding, from the College of Eastern Utah before obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree at Southern Utah University in Family and Consumer Science. LeDawn has dedicated much of her life to the students of the San Juan school district. She has spent over 16 years educating the youth of the San Juan school district. She has an additional five years of educational experience in Moab and Arizona. LaDawn has served on many committees and organizations over the years. She has been involved with not only Career and Technical Education Classes, but she has been heavily involved in helping our "at risk" population. She is a "go to" staff member. Her colleagues love and trust her. Her classes are some of the most popular classes at ARL. LaDawn is full of life and spunk! She is the life of the party and always participates in nearly every school activity. She is a dedicated and very well-liked teacher and colleague. Her sense of humor is also a highlight of her character. ARL feels very fortunate to have a person of her caliber working daily with its students. LeDawn is married to fellow San Juan school district employee and principal at San Juan high school, Bob Peterson. They are the proud parents of six kids and 12 grandkids.


Linda Keyes
2nd Grade Teacher Library media Endorsement 2004, Reading Endorsement 2006, ESG Endorsement 1997, Masters in education 2002, participated in four year Education Technology Improvement Program (ETIP 2000) (technology focus), PLC-Solution tree trained, Mike Matton trained, Sheltered Instruction & WIDA trainer of trainers, SLD school trainer, Presenter at Heritage Language Conference & Rural Schools Conference. 1st place in ETIP Competition - awarded a new laptop. Linda takes great pride in her role as an educator. She is professional and diligent in her efforts to support her students. She has high expectations for all students and for herself. She is willing to jump in and learn new skills and techniques that will support her student goals. Linda is dependable in every way. She has initiated several learning opportunities for our staff. She is continually learning and implementing data analysis techniques. She is a front runner in our school for taking student data and planning for focused instruction. Linda is a positive influence in our school she works hard but she knows how to play hard too. She spends many hours worrying about her students. She is a master at diagnosing individual student needs and then making plans to help them be successful. Linda is an overachiever. We are so lucky to have her at MES! Thank you, Linda! We appreciate all you do for our students and staff!
Leslie Kelley
Custodial Aide CPR Leslie is "above and beyond" when it comes to fulfilling her custom audio duties. She goes to great lengths to ensure that her responsibilities are done and done well every day. She is not satisfied with doing a great job. She is only satisfied if she's done an exceptional job at everything she does. She does anything she is asked, plus more. She literally runs around our school making sure everything is taken care of. It doesn't matter whether it is a simple or tough job she takes them on with a positive attitude and tons of enthusiasm. Leslie's attitude is contagious! She can make cleaning the restroom look like fun! Leslie is very skilled and knowledgeable. She is extremely talented in everything she does. She can fix anything and make everything work. She is extremely dependable in fact, if you don't keep an eye on her she'll sneak into the school and clean it in the middle of the night. Thank you, Leslie! We are so grateful for all you do at MES!


Robert Turk
5th Grade Science and Social Studies Teacher Kind, thoughtful, energetic, respectful, influential, hard worker, supportive PTA Golden Apple Award Recipient 2007 • San Juan School District Teacher of the Year Robert Turk has been teaching for 20 years in San Juan School District and his positive influence has reached more than just students in our community. Parents, students, community members, and staff respect Robert and what he does for Blanding Elementary. He makes learning come alive, and students love to be in his class to experience education. The experiences his students receive help them to become critical thinkers and to understand how and why events happen. He has involved the BLM, Edge of the Cedars Museum, Bluff Fort, and local archeologists to help give insight to the students of the history of San Juan County. Robert helps students understand that all cultures are unique and important. Most importantly, Robert treats each student with the respect they deserve. They trust him and they know that they can count on him for supports. Ask any student what they learned in 5th grade at BES and they will have many stories to tell.
Chandra Hart
Music Specialist Reliable, hard working, loves kids Chandra Hart is willing to work many free overtime hours for free so that the kids get good music lessons and are able to put on performances for their parents. Each morning before school begins, you will see Chandra dancing and singing in her classroom in preparation for the day's activities. Mrs. Hart is dedicated and goes above and beyond the requirements of her position. She is not afraid to put in the same involvement in products that she expects from her students. Chandra is willing do whatever it takes to support school goals and other staff. She has been a positive addition to the Blanding Elementary students and staff.


Robin Cantrell
First Grade Teacher Reading Certification • ESL Certified • Masters • IT pilot program Dedicated, innovative, supportive mentor, leader Being a quality PBIS/UMTSS coordinator presented by district level Teacher of the Year for Bluff School 2013-2014 Being a Quality Mentor Although Robin has been chosen for Bluff Teacher of the Year before, the staff has chosen her again to represent Bluff Elementary due to the extraordinary qualities which she exhibits daily. Robin truly is a leader at our school; she is a mentor to four teachers and does amazingly in providing the needed support as she meets with them on a regular basis. Not only does she prepare her own daily & weekly plans, but she supports other teachers with guiding them through their planning and providing ideas as well as model quality instruction. She also participates in the pilot program of integrating mini-I pads to enhance & reinforce student learning. She is a risk taker with learning new sources of technology. Robin also demonstrates her leadership through being the team leader for the PLC team which runs efficiently. Through Robin's leadership, her colleagues have benefited and her students are learning and progressing despite the challenges and hardships they bring with them. Robin is truly an example of representing quality teacher leadership skills.
James Van Reenen
Head Custodian Dependable, team player, eager to help, efficient James has worked almost two years at Bluff school and within that time, he has demonstrated many qualities which influenced our recommendation for him to be recognized as one of the special employees. He is one you can always count on and he goes above and beyond what is required of him. He definitely is a team player as he works with the staff and students. James cares about the cleanliness of the school as it shows through his efficiency of getting the everyday tasks completed. The students enjoy having James at Bluff as they constantly give him high fives. The entire staff appreciates working with James and his eagerness to always be helpful.


Lead Teacher/Administrator Shelly has been an outstanding dedicated employee for the SJSD for many years. She is our lead teacher/administrator at La Sal and she does a great job of providing a first class school for the students in La Sal. She has a great knowledge of quality instruction and greatly understands the challenges that come from multi-grade classrooms. She is a dedicated employee and a great team player. Shelly always works to learn new things and implement them quickly for the benefit of her students. She does a great job of running a super school in La Sal!!


Jonathan Hoehne
4th Grade Teacher Bachelors in Education Elementary Education • Accepted into SJSD IT pilot program Dedicated, innovative, supportive to his team members at MZC Jonathan is a new addition to our faculty at Montezuma Creek Elementary. Leadership in PLCs has helped support other teachers under his stewardship. Students in his classroom have benefited from his instruction. Though he has the largest class in school, students can be seen engaged, participating and enjoying learning in the classroom. He utilizes different resources to help students in his classroom develop background knowledge.
Laurice Pollister
Para Educator Bachelors Degree - BYU Dependable, a team player, eager to help and is very efficient Laurice started working at Montezuma Creek Elementary this year. She has demonstrated many qualities to be recommended by the staff at school. She is very friendly at work, always has a smile and is cheerful. She expects the students she works with to perform and to be on task. She shows genuine interest in helping students achieve.
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Michael McGlothlen works on a display for the Canyon Country Discovery Center, which is set to open in the fall of 2015. Courtesy photo
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