San Juan School District Employee Appreciation Banquet (2019)
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The San Juan School District recently honored the employees and teachers of the year at a March 4 banquet.  Those honored include: (back row, left to right) Jenna Olsen, Sheri Montella, Chandra Hart, Christopher Reeves, Tara Cly, Tim Harrison, Tony Anderson and Jared Brown. Middle: Shanna Black, Jeri Montella, Sara Monson, Jody Lee-Chadde, Camie McPherson, Tiffany Blackgoat, Raynard Cowboy, Ryan Carlson, and Jodilyn Blake.  Front: Melissa Palmer, Jamie Carling, Eva Ewald, Marion Filfred, Elisa Rogers, Tiffany Chamberlain, Amanda Shupe, and Amber Beshoner.  Not pictured: Dawn Nakai.  Courtesy photo
The San Juan School District recently honored the employees and teachers of the year at a March 4 banquet. Those honored include: (back row, left to right) Jenna Olsen, Sheri Montella, Chandra Hart, Christopher Reeves, Tara Cly, Tim Harrison, Tony Anderson and Jared Brown. Middle: Shanna Black, Jeri Montella, Sara Monson, Jody Lee-Chadde, Camie McPherson, Tiffany Blackgoat, Raynard Cowboy, Ryan Carlson, and Jodilyn Blake. Front: Melissa Palmer, Jamie Carling, Eva Ewald, Marion Filfred, Elisa Rogers, Tiffany Chamberlain, Amanda Shupe, and Amber Beshoner. Not pictured: Dawn Nakai. Courtesy photo
Jeri Montella
Classified, Blanding Elementary School
Jeri Montella is an excellent employee who is always willing to do what it takes to get the job done. She is very efficient in working with our budgets and getting our subs lined up each week. She does very well at seeing a need and finding a solution to meeting that need. She is always kind and works well with all staff at Blanding Elementary. We are proud to have Jeri on our BES team! “She goes above the call of duty to keep the school functioning effectively and make life a little easier for the teachers.”

Sara Monson
Certified, Blanding Elementary School
Sara Monson is an effective teacher that is focused on meeting her student’s individual needs. Her classroom runs like a well-oiled machine. When you walk in the door of her classroom you can see that students know what they are supposed to be doing and know the routines. Her students love her and enjoy learning. Seeing her creativeness in teaching curriculum, differentiating to meet student needs and her focus on results is amazing. “Sara is an amazing teacher who is fully invested in her students. She goes out of her way to help her students improve. Her kindness and patience is evident to anyone who enters her classroom.”

Camie McPherson
Classified, Bluff Elementary School
Camie McPherson has been a tremendous addition to Bluff Elementary School, and has done it with a positive attitude. She was open to learning from others and taking the time to learn her responsibilities and do it splendidly. Camie has a sweet demeanor and the students love her, she has great rapport with students, parents, and staff. She works very well with administrator and is efficient in getting tasks completed. One of the teachers said, “Camie is positive, friendly and competent. She jumped right into the secretary position at full force. She has really helped our school become organized and I know I can ask her for help whenever I need it.” Camie is amazing!

Chandra Hart
Certified, Bluff Elementary School
Chandra Hart is a teacher that goes above and beyond to improve her teaching profession and to help meet the specific needs of her students. Chandra takes a careful approach in learning about her students as she uses a variety of data to help plan her instruction. She also collaborates with her colleagues to ensure student learning is top priority with the PLC team. Chandra has taken on extra responsibilities without complaint, such as school webmaster, teaching music, the technology coach, and working through various plans in dealing with a tough student. Some of her colleagues have said this about her, “Chandra is our school cheerleader. She is great about creating and maintaining our school Facebook and webpage. She can always be found singing in her classroom and brings that love of music to our students.” “She is committed to her students and goes above and beyond to help them succeed.” Chandra is awesome!

Amber Beshoner
Classified, La Sal Elementary
Amber Beshoner is always the first to anticipate a need and jump in to help fill that gap. She does it all from driving the bus to training janitors to working daily with small groups in math and reading. She single-handedly organizes the reading and math facts goals, keeping track of where kids are and providing insight into what our team can do better. Amber is always busy and keeps herself flexible enough to fill in whenever the days throw curveballs. This year Amber has helped to get PBIS and Bully Blockers programs in place to help make a positive impact on our students. And with all of that on her plate, she still has time for a sympathetic ear and a kind smile for students who are having a tough day. Amber is a valued employee.

Amanda Shupe
Certified, La Sal Elementary
Amanda Shupe has taken on the position of Head Teacher with enthusiasm and 100% commitment. The success of her students and supporting her staff are her top priority. She works diligently to ensure her students are learning and monitored for growth. She provides curriculum support and professional development for her aides alongside staying on top of the day-to-day office duties. Amanda works closely to continually develop strong, positive relationships with her parents and the La Sal community. Her students love coming to school! She has made a great impact at La Sal this year!

Shanna Black
Classified, Monticello Elementary School
Shanna Black is a valued member of the Monticello Elementary School family. With a smile on her face she works closely with students, staff and parents. As our librarian she went above and beyond to ignite the love of reading in our students and support teachers and staff with literacy needs. She truly transformed the library into a learning environment that everyone wanted to enjoy. She made learning exciting and books come alive. She worked diligently to know each student and personally align their interest with books they would enjoy. Recently, Shanna made the transition to becoming our new school administrative assistant. She is very professional and has run with the responsibilities of the main office. We are fortunate to have Shanna as a part of our MES team!

Jenna Olson
Certified, Monticello Elementary School
Jenna Olson’s love for education is contagious. She has a way of turning tough situations into successes for every student. She has been proven leadership within her PLC team, her classroom, the school and district. She is always willing to participate and lead out with team efforts. Her students love coming to school and learning with her. She works diligently to ensure that every child sets targets for learning and then maintains adequate or above growth from year to year. She isn’t afraid of challenges and continually seeks solutions to improve her art and craft within the classroom. Jenna has participated in providing district training and allowed teachers and staff into her classroom to observe best practices and learn together with her. She is very supportive of growth and continually challenges herself to implement new ideas. Jenna’s influence has had a significant impact on the success of all students at Monticello Elementary! Congratulations, Jenna!

Tiffany Blackgoat
Classified, Montezuma Creek Elementary School
Tiffany Blackgoat, this lady has spunk. If you are looking for a quiet, reserved person, she is NOT it. If you are looking for someone with a heart of gold, you found her. Tiffany is constantly helping… students, teachers, staff, parents… She knows everybody’s name, who their family members are, and individual needs. She is a ‘see a need, fill a need’ type of person. She is like the energizer bunny… she keeps going and going and going. Tiffany knows the importance of education. She goes out of her way to help students and take care of their daily needs. Tiffany has a way of making everyone feel noticed, important, and loved.

Christopher Reeves
Certified, Montezuma Creek Elementary School
Christopher Reeves is a positive influence in our school and goes above and beyond his every day duties for our students. He has worked tirelessly on getting our special education department in order. He is always willing to help his fellow faculty members. He is very knowledgeable about educational best practices and has implemented many of them through PBIS. Chris has wonderful rapport with our students. They know he cares and trusts him to do what is in their best interest. Chris is able to inspire students to do their best. Chris is a tremendous asset to our school and the district.

Tara ClyJody Lee-Chadde
Classified, Tse’bii’nidzisgai Elementary School
Tara Cly is fabulous! She is always working hard at improving student-learning outcomes while keeping learning fun. Tara is a role model to all students in the school. She makes an effort to know every student in the school and encourages them individually based on their strengths. Tara also watches out for the other staff members. She quietly observes and works behind the scenes without making a big deal out of the extra work she does. Teachers rave about Tara and about how much they can depend on her. They trust her completely to get the job done and to do it the right way. We love having Tara at TES. She is a delight to work with every day!

Jody Lee-Chadde
Certified, Tse’bii’nidzisgai Elementary School
Jody Lee-Chadde really is the dream teacher! She exemplifies everything a parent would want for their student’s teacher. She maintains a positive classroom environment where students lead the work and engage in feedback with each other to improve learning. Jody adapts instruction and collaborates with others to ensure the individual needs of students are met. She is the ultimate collaborator. She supports learning with other teams in the building by testing out strategies, videotaping, discussing, and listening. Teachers trust Jody completely to guide them in their own improvements. Jody has greatly influenced the progress TES has made over the past two years and we can’t wait to continue that growth with her helping lead the way.

Dawn Nakai
Classified, Albert R. Lyman Middle School
Dawn Nakai works as an At-Risk tracker at Albert R. Lyman Middle School in our Student Service Center. The Student Service Center serves our students and school in many ways and Dawn is a master at juggling the many duties and responsibilities that come her way. Each day, Dawn works with Student aides to deliver daily progress reports to all students, which guide students to needed interventions or extensions. She calls parents and reports positive praise when a student receives a Caught Being Good Ticket. Dawn also masterfully works with challenging students who need some redirection in lunch detention or in school suspension. She is an asset to our school who is well deserving of the Classified Employee of the Year from Albert R. Lyman Middle School.

Jodilyn Blake
Certified, Albert R. Lyman Middle School
Jodilyn Blake is new to Albert R. Lyman Middle School but came experienced with years of teaching in New Mexico Public Schools. She has not been afraid to jump in full throttle to continue out improvement efforts this year. Jodilyn is a member of our School Improvement Team and contributes in many positive ways to our school culture of change and improvement. She is just as happy to share her pedagogical ideas as implement new ones from her colleagues. Most importantly though, she is a great teacher. Jodilyn has well thought out lesson plans that engage the students on a daily basis. She is never settles with anything less than her best and is helping her students to rise to great levels of learning. Jodilyn has been a great addition to ARL this yeah and our whole community has been benefited from her presence.

Tiffiny Chamberlain
Classified, Monticello High School
Tiffiny Chamberlain has been a tremendous addition to the staff at Monticello High School! She is super professional, cheerful, resourceful, and full of great ideas. Tiffiny is very technologically savvy. We are so lucky to have her on our team. She is making Monticello High School better every day!

Elisa Roger
Certified, Monticello High School
Elisa Rogers is a fantastic teacher! The numbers speak for themselves. Last year, 80% of Elisa's students passed the end-of-year test for 7th grade math! Her formative assessment is constant. She always knows exactly what each student needs to do next to be successful in her class. When a student is assigned to Elisa's care, it is quite normal for the student's grades in all classes to go up. She works very hard to make sure her students are succeeding not only in her class, but in all areas. Mrs. Rogers is a fantastic choice for Monticello High School Teacher of the Year!

Raynard Cowboy
Classified, Monument Valley High School
Raynard Cowboy serves as our School Liaison, Performing Arts Director, and Unity Club Advisor. He is always willing to help. He supports students and staff with home visits, fundraisers, and any other assignments that are asked of him. Raynard truly enjoys seeing all students be successful and has a genuine concern for their well being. He is a great role model to the students and a pleasure to work with. He is a blessing to the kids and community of Monument Valley.

Ryan Carlson
Certified, Monument Valley High School
Ryan Carlson began teaching at MVHS in 2014. He began as a Language Arts Teacher and the next year accepted the assignment to begin to teach Reading. Since then, he has completed his endorsement in Language Arts as well as Reading. He is currently working on a Masters Degree in Administration and will complete it this summer. Ryan is always willing to help. He is continually improving his classroom instruction and is open to learning. He spends his Spring Break each year taking students to Washington DC. Ryan is a big part of MVHS and we are lucky to have him!

Tony Anderson
Certified, Navajo Mountain High School
Tony Anderson is a QTIP teacher at Navajo Mountain High. He has been instrumental in supporting the school in many areas. He has been great in the Language Arts Department and a chaperone for the robotics club. He can do it all. He is great to have at NMHS. Thanks Tony!

Melissa Palmer
Classified, San Juan High School
Melissa Palmer has been at SJH for 4 years. She has great support with her kids and is attentive to their individual needs. She is punctual and always at work. We are grateful to have her as part of San Juan High. I have had the opportunity to hire her full time for the last 3 years but she always turns me down- hoping the award prods her in the right direction!! (kidding)

Jamie Carling
Certified, San Juan High School
Jamie has been at San Juan High for 3 years. During this time, she has evolved and expanded the earth systems curriculum. She as introduced blended learning into the classroom, using chrome books and CANVAS to enhance her curriculum. All this has led to amazing proficiency achievements in earth systems jumping from 47% in 2016 to 62% in 2018. Amazing!

Marion Filfred
Classified, Whitehorse High School
Marion Filfred is our school liaison and because of her efforts, we are improving scholar attendance and parental involvement. Marion supports our school initiatives and always keeps scholars at the center of her decisions. On numerous occasions, Marion has taken it upon herself to advocate for scholars in getting resources beyond what the school can provide. Marion also encourages parents to get involved with their scholars’ academics and helps parents to understand how reading is important outside of school. We find that if we give Marion assignments, she goes the extra mile not only completing the assignment, but seeing what more can be done to assist the scholar.

Tim Harrison
Certified, Whitehorse High School
Tim Harrison is consistently building a quality music program by working with scholars at their current level and growing them into ever-improving scholar-musicians. This young teacher is working to address fundamental music concepts in each lesson and he accomplishes this with patience, a relentless focus on all scholars excelling, and really clear objectives. Additionally, he is energetic and entirely committed to overall school improvement, as evidenced by his work to address the school-wide writing and math goals, along with his consistent involvement with the Electives PLC. The warm, demanding presence in the classroom shows scholars high expectations for learning and also that he cares about their well-being and their successes with music.

Sheri Montella
Classified, DIS Office
Sheri Montella is a valuable member of the San Juan School District Team. She has recently transferred from student services to the business office where she will be working with payroll. Sheri organized and keeps the office running efficiently. Her knowledge, skills and abilities are recognized throughout the district. She is great with budgets, applications and navigating federal programs. Thanks Sheri!

Eva Ewald
Classified, DIS Office
Eva Ewald is extremely talented and organized. She does so many things to keep the district moving forward. She keeps board meetings running smoothly. She insures that principals meeting is ready for success. She keeps track of critical district documents and can retrieve them at seconds notice. She complies district data from a variety of sources and makes it look professionally done. She handles working with the public like a champ, and if needed she can whip together a meeting lunch in less than half an hour. Eva falls just short of being classified as a true superhero. Eva, the district benefits greatly from your talents in so many ways. Thanks Eva for all you do and being so awesome!

Jared Brown
Certified, DIS Office
Jared Brown is a system architect for the Information Technology Department. He is very knowledgeable and is great at problem solving. Jared is a team player and is always willing to help when problems arise. We are grateful for Jared and his ability the district connected.

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