Aesthetics Clinic offers body sculpting services

The San Juan Health Service District is offering a series of new services from the Four Corners Aesthetics Center in Blanding.
Dr. Mahana Fisher will conduct a series of open houses and seminars about the services at area clinics. The seminar will discuss body sculpting, certified Smart Lipo, and certified Medical HCG.
The new center is adjacent to the Blanding Clinic at 804 N 400 W.
Dr. Fisher said that patients use the services for a number of reasons, but primarily to look better.
“The main reason is to get rid of the small pockets of fat that all the dieting and exercise in the world can’t quite get rid of,” said Fisher. “A second reason for the procedures is that saggy skin is tightened by the laser treatment.”
Fisher says that the HCG helps people tolerate an extremely low-calorie diet. The HCG changes the body metabolism to use the body’s fat stores.
Patients, men or women, can attend the seminars or simply make an appointment to meet Dr. Fisher and his staff. The free consultation is designed to answer questions, provide cost information, and give procedural details.
In Monticello, the seminar is April 19 at the San Juan Hospital conference room. In Blanding, the seminar is April 26 at the Blanding Aeshetics Center, 804 N 400 W.
In the Moab area, the seminar is May 9 at the Spanish Valley Clinic. All seminars begin at 7 p.m.

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