Annual San Juan ATV Safari takes place this week

ATV enthusiasts from across the country will descend on San Juan County this week for the 13th San Juan ATV Safari. The three-day event will begin on Thursday, September 10 and will culminate on Saturday, September 12.
There are plenty of options for ATV enthusiasts, as 19 separate trail rides are offered throughout the county. The trails represent a wide range of challenges, from mild trails for first-timers to wild trails for advanced riders.
From the top of the Blue Mountains in the center of San Juan County to the depths of the surrounding canyons, the ATV extravaganza surrounds participants in the beauty and excitement available only in the Canyonlands Country of San Juan County.
On site registration begins on Wednesday, September 9 at the Monticello Visitor Center.
The event culminates in a closing banquet on Saturday in Monticello beginning at 6:30 p.m.
Knowledgeable, considerate and competent leaders, all of whom are intimately familiar with the trail, will lead each experience.
To highlight a couple of many examples: The Bridger Jack Trail (rated moderate) starts just off of Highway 211 near the Dugout Ranch in Indian Creek Canyon. This trail travels through the red rock country and gives spectacular scenic views of North Cottonwood, Lavender Canyon, Salt Creek, Stevens Canyon, and the Six Shooters. There are also archaeological sites along the trail. This is a UTV Accessible Trail.
On the more difficult to extreme side of adventure is the “Hook and Ladder” which is a maze of trails with unprecedented views of the La Sal Mountains and a view through the backside of Wilson Arch.
Indescribable views of red rock fins, canyons, and overlooks will greet the visitor. Assistance with difficult terrain will be provided as needed. The trail traverses lands managed by the BLM on a UTV Accessible Trail.
Other trails include Shay Ridge, Falls Missile, Monticello Bulldog, Behind the Rocks, Blanding Bulldog, Arch Canyon, River House Ruin, Piute Pass, Jacobs Chair, Wooden Shoe, North Long Point, Table of the Sun, John’s Canyon, Elk Ridge, Upper Two Mile Lower Two Mile, and the Night Ride.
To insure safety and fun for all participants, organizers remind participants to observe all safety tips, state and local ATV ordinances. They include:
• Observe same traffic laws as other vehicles.
• ATV’s yield right-of-way to automobiles at all times. Parts of the trail are also used for larger vehicles, so be cautious and yield right-of-way to them while riding.
• ATV’s shall yield to horseback riders who may be using the same trail. When meeting horseback riders please pull off the trail and turn off your engine, allowing the horse to pass without being spooked by your machine.
• All ATV trails and roads are subject to two-way traffic. Please use extreme caution when riding to avoid head-on collisions. Be courteous when allowing other riders to pass.
• ATV use in cities and towns is restricted to designated routes except to directly access motels, gas stations and other related services and activities, and for direct access to the trail. Each city and town has certain streets designated as ATV routes. Please use and respect these designated streets, other users, and yield to normal vehicle traffic.
• Please stay on designated trails and prevent disturbance and misuse of public lands. Riding on public lands is a privilege. Please help preserve it.
• Utah State law requires operators of ATV’s be eight years or older. Operators between eight and 16 years must be State certified to ride on public lands. Any rider between eight and 16 who is certified or otherwise legal in his or her home state can legally ride in the State of Utah for a period of 14 days. Parents or guardians of younger riders are required to provide close supervision while riding.
• All riders, regardless of skill, are required to wear safety equipment helmets, goggles and boots.

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