18 teachers receive bonus from the state

A total of 18 teachers in the San Juan School District were the recipients of the Highly Effective Teacher bonus at the end of the school year.
The Effective Teachers in High Poverty Schools Incentive Program is funded by the state of Utah. Since 2018, the program has rewarded teachers whose students show growth in tested subjects in state defined high poverty schools.
This year, teachers received a $7,000 bonus with their end of school year paycheck.
To be eligible, teachers must either have a student growth percent of 70 percent or higher in a tested subject or teach grades 1,2, or 3 and achieve at least 85 percent of students with high progress.
Ten teachers received the bonus at Blanding Elementary School, including 1st grade teacher Sherilyn Grover, 2nd grade teachers Lynnett Brewer and Karen Lee, 3rd grade teacher Alton Chamberlain, 4th grade teachers Kristina Begay, Jolin Redd and Amy Lyman, and 5th grade teachers Elizabeth Adams, Robert Turk and Patricia Helquist.
Tse’Bii’Nidzisgai Elementary School recipients include 3rd grade teacher Kay Quinn and 6th grade teacher Anna Jim.
Montezuma Creek Elementary teacher Evelyn Kaniatobe received the award, as did Bluff Elementary 2nd grade teacher Emily Brown and La Sal head school teacher Amanda Shupe.
At Monticello Elementary, 2nd grade teachers Julie Bunker and Linda Keyes received the award.
The only secondary school teacher in the district to receive the award is Alisa Rogers, Math teacher at Monticello High School.

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