SJ Heritage Language Center honors Tibbetts

Kent Tibbetts was honored at the Homestead Restaurant Wednesday by the San Juan School District Heritage Language Resource Center for his many years of service in supporting Navajo Language in the classroom.
Kent was initially employed by San Juan School District in 1964 as the band teacher at the high school. In 1970, he became the first director of what was then known as the Media Center.
Over the years, Kent coordinated Title One funds and was also Bilingual Education director.
Kent facilitated the production of many of the films and videos, such as the Coyote Story videos, that are so beloved today.
Kent hired many San Juan High School students to write and illustrate stories that are still printed and sold today.
Curtis Frazier, Charles Yanito, Barbara Silversmith, Lewis Singer, Don Mose, Jr, Monique McDermott and many other educators and talented artists were all part of the naissance and development of Media Center materials.
Kent eventually moved into the Business Manager position before later retiring from the District.
Since that time, Kent has been volunteering at the Heritage Language Resource Center.
Nearly every Tuesday, Kent can be found shrink-wrapping bingo games and books, replacing the blade on the large paper cutter, dicing bingo chips, or tackling many of the behind-the scenes tasks that are part of producing Navajo Language materials for hundreds of students and dozens of reservation schools.
The SJSD Heritage Language Resource Center is grateful for Kent’s insights and assistance over the years. Kent and Cecelia will be moving to the Saratoga Springs area later this year and they want him to know how much he has been appreciated.
The ripples he made will be flowing for decades to come. Ahehee‘ Kent!

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