Jonathon English

Greetings, Monticello!  This is my first foray into public politics, so here goes!  My name is Jonathon English. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Monticello has been a wonderful place for my wife and me to raise our five children. All of us have had opportunities here that we wouldn’t have had anywhere else.
Monticello is a safe and caring community, and I want to keep it that way.  Like many places in San Juan County, Monticello often finds itself in the middle of competition between local concerns and bigger, more distant, and well-funded interests.  I want to help Monticello navigate these tensions in productive ways. Let’s work to preserve Monticello’s small-town charm while at the same time help our businesses prosper.  I will work to help keep Monticello a beautiful and enjoyable place to live and visit.
I have a diverse professional background involving education, manufacturing, and I.T. I feel that my experience with business affairs, fiscal responsibility, and budgeting will be an asset to our community. 
I’m available to listen if anyone has concerns or ideas about our city. Just give me a call or FB message me!

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