Mary Cokenour

For ten years, my family has resided in Monticello. However, our son works and resides in Moab due to lack of “living wage” employment and affordable housing. Like ourselves, many wonder why their children cannot find these basic necessities to be able to remain in Monticello and raise families. I am about family, and I want mine close to us as much as the next parents desire the same.
Monticello is the County seat of San Juan, hub of the Four Corners region. Economic growth and development are key to sustaining this city and its residents. Since 2017, I have served as a Planning and Zoning Commissioner, being involved in the development of Monticello’s new General Plan.
Since 2015, I have been a contributing writer for the San Juan Record. My column, “Food Adventures of a Comfort Cook” puts me in direct contact with business owners, not just in the food-related industry. Talking with and listening to these people, it has become clear that they too believe in Monticello’s need for growth and development.
As one councilman said to me, “Mary, you make us think outside the box. We don’t want to, but you make us do it anyway, and that’s why I like you.”
I listen to and hear both sides of issues, focusing on facts. Monticello needs to become the shining example of what a city in San Juan County should be, and a mentor to other small towns. I believe we must be “One For All” – for all residents, from the youngest child to the eldest citizen.
A vote for me states that you too are for Monticello’s best interests: Employment for all, Housing for all, Family for all. Thank you for your support; it is greatly appreciated.

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