Monticello council opens applications for new city manager

by David Boyle
News Director
The City of Monticello is searching for a new city manager following the resignation of Evan Bolt.
After spending 50 minutes in closed session at their October 11 meeting members of the Monticello City Council returned to open meeting to motion to advertise for the position of city manager after the council accepted Bolt’s resignation.
Bolt has served as city manager from July 2020, assistant city manager Kaeden Kulow will serve as interim manager through the hiring process.
Information about the job listing can be found on page B8.
At their latest meeting members of the city council also held a public hearing to pass an update to the city zoning and nuisance ordinances.
Kulow summarized the changes to the zoning in the city.
“In R2 we’re allowing for smaller lots, with smaller frontage. That’s one of the key changes that’s been made, we’ve also added to the code for tiny homes, so written specific information for  those they’re allowed to be on smaller lots.”
Kulow said updates to the nuisance code included cleanup and modernization of the code to more easily enforce city code. The project was headed up by city attorney Alex Goble, who is leaving the position following the acceptance of a judgeship in central Utah.
The council also invoked Utah code to offer the position of city prosecuting attorney to Brittney Ivins to prevent any lapses. The city will need to put out a request for proposal for civil legal services.
Monticello city council also heard from members of the public at their latest meeting.
Elk Meadows resident David Bieber came to the council concerned about the possibility of the city contracting Elliot Arthur as the Fixed Base Operator for the city airport.
“There is no reason to put a third person between you and the asset. An asset is something that makes money. That airport, everybody that flies in here buys fuel, spends money, stays at a hotel, it’s making money and it comes back to you. It’s the same as the golf course.”
Bieber offered to fly members of the city council to Arthur’s base operations in Wyoming or Colorado to do due diligence. Bieber, a private lease holder at the airport, questioned the need of an FBO at an airport with less than six based aircraft.
Westerner RV Camp Host John Barry echoed concerns about the proposed FBO. Barry also expressed concern about the golf course.
Monticello resident Tom Wigginton noted that there are many street lights on center street that are out, he also let the council know there is some damaged playground equipment at the city park near the hospital.
Wiggington asked the city do something about the homeless population noting his daughter was recently assaulted. The city reported working with the county sheriff’s office and a property owner where some people are living.
City resident Guy Wallace also asked that the city help address a draining issue that arose after construction of the Jones & DeMille building. Wallace reports water is flooding his fields near 700 North after traveling on the city right of way.
Mayor Bayley Hedglin reports that a grant has allowed the city to put the farmers market online. The website will allow people to purchase local goods online.
Council member Kim Henderson also reported on efforts to clean up at Loyds Lake.
Henderson says working with the county is a prioirty for the issue. In addition to work on bathroom cleanup the city is planning a cleanup day for garbage at the town resorvoir.
Council also approved signers on the city account at Zions bank to include Hedglin and Kuhlow.
Council also discussed some payroll issues, and the possibility of participating with the Rotary Club to replace the fence at Pioneer Park.

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