Kenneth Lindsey Shumway August 23, 1961 ~ December 7, 2022

Whenever I think of my brother, I remember his Scottish flushed cheeks, his big smile, his kind heart, beautiful blue eyes, and his chuckle.
I can’t believe he’s gone. It just doesn’t seem real. As I look back and remember the life we had growing up, I hope he is smiling down at us knowing that we love and remember him.
Kenneth Lindsey Shumway was born on August 23, 1961. He was the third child of Kenny and Chloe Ann Shumway and is preceded in death by his parents, brother Jordan, and son Kenneth Kade Shumway.
He is survived by his siblings Timi (Michael) Butt, Charlie Bayles, and Wiggins (Jackie) Shumway, daughters Danielle (Bryce) Shumway, and Micah Shay Bayles and two special grandchildren that he cherished: Irie Ann Shumway and Kenneth Kaiden Shumway.
Lindsey had an active childhood surrounded by family, cousins, and good friends. His summers were spent playing baseball, swimming, roaming the neighborhood, riding horses, camping on the mountain, and playing with cousins.
In high school he loved sports, drama, music, and the outdoors. Lindsey was known for his quick wit and sense of humor.
He spent a good portion on his childhood on Elk Ridge or at Cottonwood, where is dad was a uranium miner. Lindsey learned to work hard and hunt. He seriously made the best deer jerky in San Juan County.
At the age of 23, Lindsey fell in love and married Marsha Ghinassi. They were married for four years, had two children, and then later divorced.
He looked forward to his summer and weekend visits with his children, where he would take them fishing and camping.
In the mid 1980s, Lindsey attended the College of Eastern Utah and then Southern Utah University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.
He spent the past 30 years working for the State of Utah in the Juvenile Justice System at the Canyonlands Youth Center.
More than anything, Lindsey enjoyed a good joke and the fresh mountain air. When not on the mountain, he could be found in his shop reloading bullets and listening to the best of classic rock.
I know Lindsey would hate to see us grieve over him. He would want us to reflect on the beautiful memories and forgive ourselves for whatever regrets we have. He would like us to be strong through our darkest days and move forward with hope.
In honor of Lindsey’s love for the outdoors and his love for springtime, there will be a memorial cookout in his honor on Saturday April 22, 2023.
Family and friends are welcome to gather to help celebrate his life through good food, good music, and reflection. The time and place will be posted on Facebook as the time nears.
Lindsey’s family would like to thank all of those who have reach out with love and kindness.
We would also like to thank our local law enforcement, paramedics, and Danny Palmer at San Juan Mortuary for handling such sensitive moments with respect and professionalism.

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