Ron Skinner

My name is Ron (Ronald) Skinner. I have lived in Monticello over six years. My wife grew up in San Juan County and we have visit and vacationed here for over 20 years and love the town and its beautiful surroundings. 
I am a Veteran of the Vietnam Conflict in which I served in the Army. After an honorable discharge from active duty, I served in the Army Reserve for many more years.
When we decided Monticello was where we wanted to live and retire, I applied and worked for the Monticello Public Works Department. I worked for three years and understand the works of the City. I love this town and this is why I decided to give back by running for the City Council. 
I am open to any public comment and have visited with many residents and listened to their ideas and views. If elected I will have an open ear to those who have suggestions or problems. I will bring them to the council for discussion and a possible solution.  I am in favor of a strong recreation program for both youth and adults. I believe that we need to look at the infrastructure of the city, water, sewer, roads, and general upkeep. Research for grants as needed. I support Law Enforcement, Fire Dept, Emergency Services, and  Volunteers, and all they do for the welfare of the city and its residents. At budget time, take the time to review as a council with each dept head and look at what is needed. 
In Conclusion, if Elected I will work hard to fulfill these things, attend city functions, and help to unify OUR community and make it a place we all want to live.

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