Royal flush in Blanding

Blanding City officials say they are pleased with a November project to flush the city culinary water system.
Crews started at the “uphill” or northern end of town and worked south through the community. About one million gallons of water were flushed through the system with the intent to clear sediments out of the pipes.
Over more than one year, three deep wells owned by the city pumped millions of gallons of water into the culinary water system. There were a number of complaints about sediments in the water and about the taste of the water from the wells.
City officials state that the water passed all tests to ensure it was pure for culinary use.
Officials report that the flushing process went well, and they are pleased with the results. Of course, they will continue to monitor the situation.
Water from the deep wells is still being pumped into the culinary system with the pumps operating overnight and on weekends when power rates are lower. The deep wells provide a consistent water source independent of ground water sources.
Despite being in the midst of a multi-year drought, the city currently has more water in storage than it had capacity to hold ten years ago.

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