Scott Christensen

I believe in being proactive instead of reactive.
The following are just some of the concerns I would like to take an active roll in.  I will work in harmony with those affiliated with the local government and do my very best to represent the citizens of this great community.  I would appreciate your vote for Monticello City Council. 
I am in favor of incremental tax reimbursement for private infrastructure.
Water: As always, at the top of the list.  I don’t believe our primary focus should be on how we’re going to save water.  In terms of continuity, storage is the answer.  Storage projects along with storage rights are inferior to our needs given the possibility of drought.  A long term plan is needed.
Golf Course: Golf can be one of the responsibilities accepted by local government and competition for limited resources can have a monumental impact on the public sector golf operations we need to find a way to make it pay for itself.
Annexation: I’m pro-growth, but we need to be careful. Monticello has over 800 connections. Let’s not compromise the ability to serve our present commitments before we have to continually play catch up.  Good planning and decision-making are needed.
City Streets: Public entities must be proactive in managing the risk posed by street defects and other transportation-related exposures. We can minimize these by being efficient and timely with repairs, develop ordinances, maintain maintenance and policy procedures, and evaluate streets each year to make sure they are repaired before a more costly replacement is needed.
Storm drain projects: Let’s not flush rainwater down the drain.
Planned unit development: Ordinances that would allow flexibility in city planning.
Community outreach: News releases and open phone policy with fairness and transparency, respect the rights of all citizens work with the people, and remember that we are public servants – we work for the people.

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