Caretaker, White Mesa Senior Department
Suzette Morris is a caretaker for senior citizens at the White Mesa Senior Center. A longtime resident of White Mesa, she is running for the school board seat in District 3. If elected, she hopes to foster a sense of unity within San Juan County schools.
“I hope to be able to bring everybody together,” Morris said. “I want people to know that if I’m a part of the school board, I’m there to assist in our student’s education and improve our schools.”
Morris feels it’s important to keep parents actively involved in their children’s work in the classroom.
“We need to focus on more communication between parents and kids in education,” Morris said. “It’s not that hard for parents to be involved in what their kids are doing in the classroom. Communication is key and it will help students be more interested in what they’re learning.”
Morris also supports expanding tutoring programs to assist students who need extra help in their studies. She’s seen first-hand how useful tutoring can be for students.
“I’ve seen it with my girls,” Morris said. “My daughters go to Blanding Elementary School and their teachers help them with everything. They needed help with tutoring and the school provided resources for them. I hope to keep those programs intact.”
If elected, Morris will be the first White Mesa resident to be on the San Juan School Board.
She hopes to build bridges between students throughout the district she represents. Morris is of Native descent and understands the stigma some Native students potentially face in education. However, she says her role on the schold board would be to focus on improving all students’ education.

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