“Creeper” may have returned

Monticello Police Chief Kent Adair is asking area residents to remain vigilant after a series of incidents possibly involving someone known as the “Creeper”.
From January to mid-March, Adair reports that several homes were entered and several possible additional incidences were reported.
After more than a month of no events to speak of, Adair said that in recent weeks there have been two incidences, including a possible sighting and a home entered.
The possible sighting was on April 27 when a homeowner noticed someone outside of the house. The person fled before he could be questioned.
The home entry was on April 30 when an unlocked home was briefly entered.
Nothing has been reported missing.
Adair reports that descriptions are of a slender-build man between 5’8” and 6’ tall.
He adds that the city continues to have cases that are not related to the “Creeper” cases.
The City of Monticello has announced a $1,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the “Creeper”. Adair reports that there have been no leads that have come as a result of the reward.
“Lock your houses at night,” said Adair, who encourages residents to use a good dead bolt on doors. The Chief said that some residents have expressed an interest in security lighting. “Don’t skimp,” added Adair.
“If you see someone suspicious or if someone enters your house, call 911 now,” said Adair. “Don’t wait until the next morning.”

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