2022 Edition of the 101 ways to experience San Juan County out now

The San Juan Record is ecstatic for the release of the annual 101 Ways to Experience San Juan County Visitors Guide.
The packed 64-page magazine is included in this issue of the newspaper and is distributed throughout the area at visitor centers and businesses.
Local residents and visitors alike are anxious to have a great summer in San Juan County. The guide is intended to help in that effort.
“This provides more than 100 great ideas to see and do while experiencing the spectacular place we call home,” said Bayley Hedglin, executive director of the San Juan Chamber of Commerce.
The Chamber is a partner in the publication.
“Our biggest challenge each year is narrowing down the options to just 101 ways to experience San Juan County,” said San Juan Record Editor Bill Boyle. “I guess we could print 1,001 ways, but it would take 640 pages!”
There are a number of new adventures in the 2022 version of the magazine, which includes glossy color on every page.
Every corner of San Juan County is included, from the waters of Lake Powell to the Four Corners Monument to Dead Horse Point.
The guide includes two checklists this year, a list of the 101 ways to experience the area and a list of advertisers in the guide.
“The goal is to help visitors and residents alike have a great time in San Juan County,” said Boyle. “We want people to be safe, to take advantage of all the business resources we have here, and to have an unforgettable experience.”
In addition to the publication, the magazine can be accessed at www.sjr101.com.
The San Juan Record website and Facebook page will include updates and weekly reminders of the 101 list. Visit the page and share your experiences completing the 101 tasks.
In addition, Redrock Radio will remind listeners about the availability of the visitor guide.
So many San Juan County residents and visitors have never experienced some of the world-renowned opportunities so close to home. We encourage you to read through the book, pick out the top experiences, and get going.
If your kids complain that there isn’t anything to do, tell them they have to be kidding and put them to work on the lists.
The book is full of spectacular photos, many from readers of the San Juan Record. Terrance Huge, a wonderful photographer who works for the Cincinnati Enquirer, provides the stunning cover photo of the beautiful Bluff night sky.

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