December 29, 1918 ~ February 4, 2010
Alice Fox Adams passed away February 4, 2010 at the St. Theresa Rehabilitation and Health-Care Center in Albuquerque, NM, where she had resided for the past four years.
Alice is preceded in death by two husbands: Grady Wayne Crowe and Leon William Adams, both parents and eight siblings; seven sisters and a step-brother.
Alice was born to Henry Clayton Fox and Jessie Worley in 1918 (exact date of birth unknown, so Alice had chosen December 29 as the day to celebrate her birthday) in Greenburg, Keoiwa, KS. She was the seventh of eight daughters.
During an illness which sent her mother to the hospital for a while, Alice, along with two of her sisters, were put in an orphanage. After some years, family members were able to get the girls released. Those years spent in the orphanage helped build courage and determination to keep her family together. These qualities remained with her throughout her life.
Alice’s family moved to various states: Tennessee, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas during her growing up years.
While living in Texas, Alice met and married her first husband, Grady Wayne Crowe, a World War II veteran. Later they moved to Albuquerque, NM where her sister, Mae, was living.
Alice worked for her brother-in-law as a gopher for his radiator business. It was in Albuquerque where Wayne died of cancer and is buried.
After the death of her husband, Alice and Mae moved to Dove Creek, CO to be closer to their other sister Ethyl Fox Tracy.
Over time, Mae and her new husband were living and on the Adam’s Ranch south of Monticello. This is where Alice met her soon-to-be second husband, Leon Adams.
On July 11, 1975 Alice and Leon were married, making Alice mother to Leon’s daughter Jerry Ann and grandmother to her six children: Adam Lee, Bradley Joe, Kelly Sean, Felicia Fawn, Coby Scott, and Melany Lynn. Alice enjoyed being a grandmother.
She and Leon took two of their grandchildren, Kelly and Felicia, with them on their honeymoon. The four of them went to Strawberry Reservoir for some boating and fishing, Leon’s favorite past time.
While there, Felicia, age 4, was trying to help her grandfather by pushing the boat closer so he could tie it to the dock. In the process Felicia fell into the water. On seeing her new little granddaughter sinking into the water Alice quickly grabbed for Felicia.
The water made it difficult for Alice to get a good hold. On the third time up, Alice grabbed Felicia by the hair, pulling her from the water and saving her life.
Alice and Leon spent many years traveling from Utah, Arizona, Mexico, and California. To avoid the cold winters in Monticello, they spent their winter months in their second home in Kino Bay, Mexico.
Leon fished from his boat in the ocean while Alice spent many hours walking the beach, caring for her dogs and plants and making friends with many of the vendors along the boardwalk.
Alice and Leon always invited friends and family to stay with them in their little paradise in Mexico.
Alice and Leon went on many temple trips where they would work in the temple. From morning until night they spent time in the temple; only leaving for meals and caring for Alice’s dogs that always accompanied Alice on all of her travels. She was known for her love of dogs. Alice cared for many of the stray and abandoned dogs in Monticello.
Leon passed away on July 11, 2001, on their wedding anniversary. After the death of her second husband, Alice tried to live in Monticello, but after so many winters spent in Mexico, she decided the cold winters of Utah were not for her.
Alice’s niece Anita Lovato and her husband Faustin helped move her back to Albuquerque, NM to be closer to family. Alice enjoyed spending time with her niece and her family, going on trips, outings, holidays and special occasions; as always, Alice loved being with friends and family.
Alice lived in a senior community where she enjoyed the resident activities, swimming pool and getting to know her new neighbors. She continued to care for her pets, and after the passing of her last dog, she was moved to the St. Theresa Rehabilitation and Health-Care Center where she lived until the time of her passing.
Sara Fingerlos/Hazelton (a former resident of Monticello) was Alice’s visiting teacher since she was relocated at the Center in Albuquerque.
Alice is survived by their daughter, six grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, and many nieces, nephews, and their offspring.
Memorial services for Alice will be held at a later date in Albuquerque, NM where she will be interned next to two of her sisters.

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