Blanding City Council recognizes new technoloy

by David Boyle
News Director
Members of the Blanding City Council were recognized for installing new technology that allows citizens to access courts remotely at their February 28 meeting. 
Members of the Blanding City Council received a report from State Government Administrator Travis Erikson, who shared a letter from the district court system highlighting Blanding as one of the first three communities in the state to choose to provide remote court teleconferencing booth at their city offices. 
The system allows citizens to use the booth to teleconference into distant court hearings during certain available days and times. Court clerks are including information on how to schedule the use of the booths as they send out notices.
At the meeting, members of the city council also approved a bump in their annual donation to the San Juan High School National Honors Society work at the annual Easter Egg Hunt.
While the council has generally donated $500 annually to the event, San Juan High Honor Society member Marty Clinger requested $900 to do a little bit more at the event, including providing additional eggs for children.
The funds come from the council discretionary funds. Members of the council gave informal approval of the increased donation to the annual event.

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