Blanding City Manager accepts new position in Washington, UT

The Blanding City Council is making plans to find a new administrator after manager Jeremy Redd announced his departure from his role with the city.

Redd has accepted a position as City Manager for Washington, UT, located in the southwestern corner of the state. He starts on November 1.

Redd has worked for the city for 13 years, including eight as the city manager. He says he’s most proud of his work “building the infrastructure (sewer, electric, storm water) that will help Blanding grow for the next 30 years.

“I’m proud of the team of employees we’ve hired and they will serve the community well for many years. I’m proud to have been part of the Blanding community for the past 20 years.”

Redd says while working in a small community like Blanding, he’s seen how decisions that are made impact individuals. He plans to take the knowledge that decisions impact people individually with him to Washington.

Mayor Joe Lyman wished Redd the best in his new position, saying Washington City had made an excellent choice.

“His qualifications, both personal and professional, have been a tremendous asset to our community,” said Lyman. “His dedication to Blanding City has been exemplary. His talent and leadership have been recognized across the state.

“It’s been an honor to work with him. The community will miss him and his family more than they know, and I will personally miss this amazing man I call my friend.”

Redd also said, “[I am]so thankful for my time in Blanding. I loved living in the community and raising my children here. I’m thankful to the community for treating me and my family so well and making us feel loved and accepted.”

The hiring process for a new city manager in Blanding will involve an appointment by Mayor Lyman, which must be confirmed by the city council.

At the October 13 meeting of the council, Lyman outlined a plan for the hiring process. Lyman said he’d like the entire council to be involved in the interviewing process.

Having the entire council together at one place to discuss business will require an official meeting. The council plans to hold a special meeting, which will begin as an open meeting and then be closed for the council to interview candidates.

Based on the quality of applicants, the city could close applications as soon as October 26.

Council also adopted an art policy for the city. The policy allows for public installations of art on city property. Included in the policy is verbiage to try and avoid art that doesn’t meet city standards.

The policy reads in part that installations in Blanding must reflect the cultural and natural beauty of the area and its residents.

Council also clarified that the art policy is intended for public art installations and not necessarily for memorials.

The city considered and adopted the policy after hearing a proposal for an art installation last month.

The proposed art piece would feature a stone base with metal wagon wheels and antler sheds on top.

Most of the material for the project has been donated and no financial contribution is asked of the city, other than permission to install the piece on city property.

Upkeep on the project would be to replace the antlers over time. The sheds at similar art pieces in Jackson Hole and Afton, WY need to be replaced every 30-50 years, but the antlers may last longer in the dry Blanding air.

The proposal originally suggested the installation would be dedicated to three Blanding residents who died in a tragic car crash on July 1, but the adopted art policy may change whether the city classifies the art piece as a memorial.

Council authorized signature of a letter to the San Juan County Commission, asking the commission to include budget items outlined in the city/county interlocal agreement.

Council also approved continued participation in the development of a nuclear power project in Idaho. The purchase agreement will eventually add stability to the city’s power profile.

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