Blanding Mayoral candidate Logan Monson

My name is Logan Monson, I am the proud son of Rich and Sheila Monson of Blanding and am proud to say that I was born and raised with deep Blanding roots. I have obtained all of my education in Blanding, from pre-K to earning my degree in Nursing at USU in Blanding. I have been working with the people of San Juan County as a nurse for just over six years. My beautiful wife Sara and I have four great kids and love the opportunity to raise our family in the community of Blanding.

I am eager to expand my community involvement as the next mayor of Blanding and have thought very intently about the areas I plan to focus on.

First, the Economy. Blanding and neighboring communities are filled with hard-working families who pride themselves on providing a stable life for their families and future generations. This is evident in the history and loyalty we see in business daily. I plan to build and expand this by involving local input and state collaboration.

Second, Transparency. It is my belief that trust begins with transparency and I live my life by this. With communication and trust, solid foundations and respect can grow. This is how I conduct my personal and professional life and commit to do the same as your mayor.

Third, I believe in creating a Small Government structure; meaning, the costs, functions, and operations of the government should not be a burden to the people they serve. We are meant to be a voice, a helper, a resource, a leader…and many other things when needed – but not a burden. With my conservative values I will work for the people and be the platform for the people of Blanding, and not for government leaders who are trying to push an agenda.

Fourth, I am passionate about investing in the present in order to create a path of stability and happiness for future generations; the quality of life of our youth, their opportunities and their education are all key factors in developing a culture of unity and prosperity.

Fifth, as a healthcare provider, I feel we are extremely blessed to not just have a choice in our healthcare system and providers, but also to feel the positive economic impact of the ever-expanding health care industry. Health Care entities are continually progressing and adding more services to benefit the community. From the inside track, I can attest that improvement is a constant mindset for our health care boards and leadership; I support this wholeheartedly and plan to work with all entities involved to continue and maintain this growth.

I will always tell you the truth.

I will be accountable for tax dollars that are spent. I understand the responsibility of the direction of our hard-earned tax dollars.

Finally, I promise to give the community of Blanding a voice you will be proud of. I love Blanding and look forward to serving you, the community members. 

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