Recycling project to offer service in Blanding

Starting October 1, recycling services will be available in Blanding.
Full Circle Recycling (FCR), is a non-profit project providing residential and commercial curbside pick-ups. The services will be weekly and there is no sorting required for the acceptable recyclables.
Full Circle Recycling is a multi-agency collaboration that aims to create part-time employment for persons with chronic mental illness, substance abuse and/or other barriers to competitive employment.
With a certain amount of federal funding from the Department of Substance Abuse and Mental Health, this project will use that funding towards FCR start-up cost.
The following agencies have worked together to create FCR: San Juan Counseling, San Juan Foundation, and the Department of Workforce.
The City of Blanding has also agreed to support the project by providing a secure location for a dumpster. This project will also become part of the San Juan Foundation.
Waste Management, Inc. is the commercial trash service in Blanding and has expressed their support for this project and agreed to rent FCR a covered dumpster and transport unsorted recyclables to Farmington, NM and then to a single-stream recycling facility.
According to a July 2017 community interest survey FCR conducted in Blanding, 161 households responded with 82.5 percent of respondents indicating an interest in recycling.
In this survey, it shows that there is a value in recycling that is honored in the city of Blanding.
If the project becomes well established and financially viable, there may be opportunities for FDR to provide its services to other locations. FCR has a goal of providing services to 160 households and five businesses.
This service has a monthly fee of $18. Using this service, the eligible materials that can be accepted are cardboard, paper, newspaper, paperboard, plastic 1-7, aluminum, and tin cans. The materials that cannot be accepted are glass, styrofoam and plastic bags.
Individuals who are interested in this service should email and provide their name and contact information.
There are currently no commercial recyclable collection businesses operating in Blanding or in surrounding San Juan County.
Moving forward would help provide employment for persons with chronic mental illness, substance abuse and/or other barriers as well as implementing the process of recycling that the community members in Blanding value.

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