Bluff Town Council Candidate: Jennifer Davila

Jennifer Davila
About Me:
I bring the unique experience of being a child here, raising my family here, running a small business here, and living with aging family members here.
I have personal experience managing the many challenges that life in Bluff throws at a person.
Why am I running:
I deeply care about this place and the people who live both in town and the surrounding areas. I want to do my part in continuing to make Bluff a place where conscientious people want to live.
I consider myself to be a moderate person who is interested in listening to people from all sides of the perspective and finding solutions to problems rather than just finding problems and complaining about them.
I believe that one of the major roles of local government should be to pool ideas and support that allow people and businesses to solve problems that are too large to solve by themselves.
I believe that most of the residents in Bluff strive for and support the same “core values” and just have different ways of reaching them.

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