Bret Hosler

San Juan School Board

Bret Hosler was raised in Blanding and has lived in San Juan County for over 53 years. He has a Master’s degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in land use planning, in addition to six national building code certifications.

Bret currently works for the City of Blanding as the Community Development Director and is prepared to use his educational background and extensive training to serve the San Juan School District. His ability to deal with complicated issues, effectively interact with people, and willingness to listen are some of his best qualities.

Bret understands from experience that teachers are one of the District’s greatest assets. While both his wife and father previously taught for San Juan schools, his sister currently teaches fourth grade at Blanding Elementary. Bret encourages teacher input and wants to improve the line of communication with all teachers as they carry out their critical role in the educational process.

As a property owner in San Juan County, Bret understands the impact of local taxes. He is committed to effectively using these tax dollars and all school funds responsibly. Hosler is conservative and determined to keep tax rates as low as possible. His knowledge and experience with respect to land acquisition, construction, building maintenance, and energy efficiency will aid the District in making fiscally sound decisions.

“It is important to remember that school board members are elected to represent the citizens of San Juan County,” Hosler explains. This representation “by the people, for the people” is most effective when open communication exists. To support this effort he set out to visit each household in the district, hoping to gain insight from the residents.

“It was a monumental task for sure,” admits Hosler. He reports the experience as vital in establishing an open network with constituents and for laying the groundwork as a representative eager to listen. “The voters are ready for change,” acknowledges Hosler, “I am convinced that now is the time for new representation in this district.”

Bret invites the input, feedback, and participation from parents, teachers, staff, administrators and community members in navigating the COVID-19 issues together. He encourages this same cooperative effort to ensure that students have the knowledge and tools necessary to avoid sexual exploitation, objectification, and assault. Hosler supports that student safety and well-being is crucial.   

As a write-in candidate for School Board District #2, Hosler reminds voters to please VOTE this election. He recommends locating the School Board section on their ballots, once they arrive in the mail. He calls attention to the designated “write in” line found directly below his opponent’s name.

This is where voters can cast their write-in vote by printing “Bret Hosler” on this line. It is also necessary to fill in the bubble to the left of this “write in” line to complete their vote. Bret encourages all registered voters to let their voice be heard as they privately vote their conscience from home, and offers thanks to his constituents for their support. It’s TIME…..

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