Candidates file for elected offices

A host of candidates have filed to seek elected office in the November general election. Races will be held for a number of federal, state and county positions.
Phil Lyman, a businessman and accountant from Blanding, is the only candidate to seek the San Juan County Commission seat currently held by Lynn Stevens. In December, Stevens will complete his eighth year in the commission seat covering central San Juan County.
Commissioner Kenneth Maryboy will be challenged by Andrew Tso in the race for the commission seat covering southeast San Juan County. Maryboy seeks his second term in office. Both candidates are members of the Democrat party, which means their race within the party will be determined in convention or in a primary election.
Sheriff Mike Lacy will be challenged by Rick Eldredge in the race for San Juan County Sheriff. It is expected that Lacy will secure the Republican nod and Eldredge will be the candidate for the Democrat party in the November general election. Both Lacy and Eldredge have worked for the Utah Highway Patrol. Lacy has served as Sheriff since 1995.
Glenis Black Pearson is the only candidate to file for San Juan County Treasurer. It is expected that she will replace Paul Barr in January. Pearson has served as deputy in the treasurer’s office for several years.
The list of candidates for county office features a number of incumbents who will not be challenged in their quest for an additional term in office. They include Surveyor David Bronson, Recorder Louise Jones, Clerk/Auditor Norman Johnson, Attorney Craig Halls and Assessor Howard Randall.
Four candidates filed to seek the seat representing southeast San Juan County on the San Juan School Board. They include incumbent Elsie Dee, Howard Todachinnie, John Billie and Michelle McCarl. The race is non-partisan and the list of candidates will be pared to two in a June 22 primary election.
Nelson Yellowman is unopposed in his race for another term to represent southwest San Juan County on the San Juan School Board.
In the federal races, eleven candidates have applied to seek the United States Senate seat currently held by Robert Bennett.
Eight candidates have filed to seek the Utah seat in the U.S. House of Representatives currently held by Jim Matheson.
Six candidates have filed in the special election for Governor of Utah. Lieutenant Governor Gary Herbert assumed the seat in 2009 after the resignation of Governor John Huntsman.
Two candidates from Price have filed to seek the seat in the Utah House of Representatives currently held by Christine Watkins. Candidates include Watkins and Jerry Anderson of Price.
James Harris and Lyon Hazleton will face judicial retention elections in November.
Four candidates will seek the local position on the Utah State School Board, including incumbent Dixie Allen of Vernal, Virginia Howard of Spring City, Mike Miles of Monroe and Johny Thyne of Altonah.
After the filing period closed on March 19, the political season goes into full swing. Neighborhood caucus meetings and organizing sessions were scheduled to take place on March 23, after the press deadline.
The San Juan County Republican party has scheduled its convention on April 29 at 6 p.m. at the Monticello High School auditorium. The state convention is May 8.
Primary elections will be held on June 22 and the general election is Tuesday, November 2.

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