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When you take on the US Government, You will never win especially when the dumbocraps are in power.
You have to use the present laws that congress just passed recently.
There are people out there using the laws of the US Government & supported by the US Government to take away things we hold dear. ie: Trying to take the crosses off the city of Las Cruces N.M. letter heads, Trying to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance and off our currency.

The American disability act.
We need to get a lawsuit going against the BLM / Forest Service road closures under the Disability act. A lot of people (My self included Both knees are "Bone on Bone" as a result of being a parachutist) have medical or physical problems that prevent us from walking to and from areas which we had prior access. I am strongly against driving off existing roads / Trails with ATV's. But, We should be able to drive 4 wheel drives or ATV's on existing (Not new) roads because of our limited physical abilities.
I have & a lot of Americans who served our country have limited physical problems that prevent us from enjoying the same sights / areas unless we can get there with motorized transportation which is our right as Americans, Veterans & taxpayers.

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