David Leavitt

Our Founders never gave government the power to decide guilt or
innocence. They NEVER gave government the power to take away someone’s liberty. They reserved that power to The People.  

But, Prosecutors arrange plea bargains in 99% of every criminal case
in exchange for guilty pleas. That removes the need for government to prove the allegations it makes. That’s troubling. 

In 17 months as Utah County Attorney, I couldn’t get an
appointment with our AG even though he has a statutory duty to County Attorneys. The fact is, the current AG opposes my reforms. He’s backed by. the police unions, and money interests who oppose and resist change. 

The AG promoted surveillance systems that spy on us—and made excuses when exposed. He deflects true progress on criminal justice reform, public lands, over-incarceration, addiction, and under-prosecution of sexual assault.
Society has an obligation beyond punishment. The violent and dangerous–they belong in prison. The non-violent (90%) deserve our focus and help to create a better community. Criminal justice reform demands we all stand up for the American issue of our generation. 

With your vote, we can restore the sacred trust and focus of this office for the People of Utah.

In November 2018, David O. Leavitt was elected to be the 23rd Utah County Attorney. Since 1991, David Leavitt immersed himself in the law. He has spent 23 of his 28 years in law practice advising governments of all levels. David brings a variety of experiences to the office. Most recently he has privately practiced and also operated the Leavitt Institute for International Development, playing a significant role in improving legal systems, fighting corruption, guiding reforms, fostering integrity, and teaching leadership in Ukraine and Moldova. He’s acted as advisor to the National Institute of Justice for Moldova (2014-2018) and advisor to the Supreme Court of Ukraine (2001-2009).

In addition to supporting and fostering justice reform abroad, Mr. Leavitt served as a Board Member of the Utah Prosecution Council (1997-2001) training and supporting Utah’s prosecutors. As a board member of the Statewide Association of Prosecutors (SWAP) He worked advised the Legislature on changes in the Utah Criminal Code (1995-2003). He is experienced in criminal and civil practice having served as the Juab County Attorney (1995-2003), and as a City Attorney in Nephi and Fillmore. He graduated from the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University in 1991. He graduated in English in 1988 from Brigham Young University.

David grew up in Cedar City, Utah. He is married to Chelom Eastwood Leavitt and they have five daughters, three sons, and 3.5 grandchildren.

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