Downed plane not down

by Bill Boyle
There continues to be a lot of interest in the downed airplane that was reported in San Juan County.
In December, 2014, Tim Mayer sent a letter to the San Juan Record stating he was searching on Google Maps and spotted a downed plane. He did not report the coordinates and has been unable to find the site since.
A number of local, state and federal agencies tried to track down the report and eventually decided the image may have been a plane that was photographed in the air by the satellite.
Several readers have asked about the image, and Jami Bayles sent an image she found on Google Maps. It is near Allen Canyon (at left) and may be the reported plane. While the mystery remains a mystery, it is clear that many people are intrigued by the sometimes strange images that can be found on Google Maps.
One strange image can be found on the Google Maps Street View of downtown Monticello. Check out the Monticello Post Office and you can see a newspaper Editor walking out of the post office after picking up the morning mail.
• • • • •
Three new eating establishments will soon open their doors.
El Dos Amigos will provide Mexican food in the spaces recently abandoned by Taco Time in the 7-11 Convenience Stores in Blanding and Monticello.
The name of the outlets has raised an argument among the Spanish-speaking residents of the area. Should it be El Dos Amigos or Los Dos Amigos?
The Horse Head Grill will open its door in coming days in the MD Ranch Cookhouse building in Monticello. The restaurant will be operated by Lou Jean Cressler.
A Chinese and Thai restaurant will open in the Old Tymers Building on South Main Street in Blanding.

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