Full bore ahead during tough times

101 Ways to Experience San Juan County is on the drawing board for the coming visitor season… and we all hope it is a whale of a visitor season!
The annual visitors guide, a joint project of the San Juan Record and the San Juan Chamber of Commerce, will be published as soon as market conditions allow.
Any local businesses, organizations, or events that would like to be included in the guide should contact us at the San Juan Record.
In addition, let us know if you have any suggestions to include in the guide.
The annual visitors guide lists scores of great ways to enjoy the spectacular beauty of San Juan County. It is distributed throughout the area in print, online, and soon to be over the radio waves.
The cover this year is scheduled to feature a beautiful photograph of the White Mesa Bear Dance by Terrance Huge.
• • • • •
If you are looking for a great book to read during your social isolation, give us a call at the San Juan Record Bookstore. We are in the middle of our biggest sale ever as we make room in the building for the new radio station.
Our sales space will be cut in half and, as a result, we are attempting to move as much inventory as possible. Hundreds of items are 50 percent off and even more are 30 percent off.
We would be glad to deliver an order if you prefer. Give us a call!
• • • • •
Remarkable and unprecedented are the changes that have taken place in San Juan County – and across the world – during the pandemic triggered by the COVID-19 virus.
I, for one, have increased respect and appreciation for the good people of San Juan County, wherever they are and whatever they are called upon to do.
I have increased respect for our institutions, including health care organizations, government agencies, schools and universities, churches, neighborhood groups, and friends.
I appreciate grocery store workers and truck drivers, hard-working teachers, and dedicated health care professionals.
I am grateful for law enforcement officials, emergency response teams, civil service workers, and restaurant workers.
Thank you!
• • • • •
Social isolation is looking crowded at the Boyle home as our home has filled with returning college students, a married couple, and even a grandbaby!
For the most part, we are doing great with the host of unexpected and difficult challenges brought about by the pandemic.
However, look out if the wi-fi goes out! It could crumble to the Hunger Games in a flash!

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