Holiday gift from the <i>San Juan Record</i>

by Bill Boyle
The San Juan Record is pleased to provide a holiday gift for all of our print-edition subscribers.
Included in this issue of the newspaper is a copy of the 2015 Photo of the Week calendar.
The beautiful calendar features spectacular photos of San Juan County and includes all of the local events, holidays, school breaks, and more.
While we have published a calendar for the past five years, I think that this is our best effort yet.
With the generous support of our sponsors, the calendar can go to all subscribers and is available, at a low cost, to everyone else.
A copy is not included if you bought this newspaper at a newsstand, but give us a call or come by and we can sell you a copy for $4.95 each.
We will also send a free copy of the calendar for any new subscription sent to us before January 31.
Our sponsors include Blue Mountain Hospital, Canyonlands Lodging, Thatzaa Pizza, San Juan Building Supply, Blue Mountain Foods, Tri-Hurst Construction, Four Corners School, San Juan Pharmacy in Monticello, Randy’s Auto, Countywide Realty, Empire Electric and Peace Tree.
Thank you for your support of the San Juan Record throughout a remarkable 2014. Have a wonderful holiday season and a succesful 2015.
• • • • •
We are in the process of celebrating the Centennial year of the San Juan Record, leading up to our 100th birthday on September 1, 2015.
We plan to mark some of the interesting aspects of our history with a series of lectures and events throughout the year.
Part of that is exploring the fascinating history of one of the illustrious publishers of the weekly newspaper, Marie Ogden.
Marie bought the San Juan Record shortly after she arrived in San Juan County to build the “Home of Truth” in Dry Valley.
Joel Campbell, a professor of journalism at Brigham Young University, is working on a book about Ogden. He spent several days in the area in the past week, where we enjoyed doing research in the books and in the field.
Look for a presentation by Campbell later in the year.
• • • • •
A quick note about our sports coverage.
In order to provide adequate coverage of the many sporting events in the county, we need alot of help.
Interested supporters are welcome to send information about the games that occur.
In addition, we rely on coaches to provide critical stats and other information. If you would like to see more coverage of a particular sport, consider asking the coach if you can help.
Coaches put in an amazing amount of work for the teams, schools and kids and they may be glad for the help.
• • • • •
San Juan County is filled with lights for the holiday season. We asked a simple question about the best holiday lights on the SJR Facebook page and received a number of responses.
Area residents mentioned for their displays include Yadhira and George Rice Jr., and Heidi and Kelly Pehrson in Monticello.
Jack Cantsee Jr., was mentioned for his display in White Mesa.
A number of displays were mentioned in Blanding, including Todd and Cherie Moon, Beverly and Dustin Felstead, Betty and Rodney Workman, and Angela and Stan Hurst.
Let us know if you have any additional recommendations.
We hope to print a few photographs of the light displays in the December 31 issue of the newspaper.Send us your best photos.

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