Providing added value for our San Juan Record subscribers

by Bill Boyle
The newspaper industry has gone through a number of significant changes in the past decade. The advent of the Internet, the growth of social media, and changes in the economy have all had an impact.
In an attempt to keep up with the times, we have made several changes at the San Juan Record.
Our general access website, at, gets thousands of hits each week. It includes a limited number of many of the most popular features in our print edition. In addition, we publish expanded coverage of many events on the website.
In addition, our Facebook page has more than 2,000 friends and offers periodic updates of the comings and goings in San Juan County and beyond.
While we are glad to provide these services at no charge, we want to provide additional value to our loyal readers who purchase a subscription to the newspaper.
As a result, we offer additional products to our subscribers.
This includes the availability of an E–edition, a digital replica of the San Juan Record that includes the entire printed version. It can be accessed from anywhere with a working Internet connection.
It is published each Wednesday morning and avoids the long delay that our distant subscribers experience while waiting for the paper to arrive in the mail.
Simply send us your e-mail address and we will connect you through the Internet to your E-edition. If you are having trouble accessing our online version, please let us know.
We also offer, at no additional charge to our local readers, a copy of the San Juan and Monticello high school newspapers. The Rattler and Lariat are popular additions to the paper. They help us keep readers informed and also support the schools.
Beginning this week, we offer an additional benefit, at no extra cost to local readers. Paid subscribers to the San Juan Recordwill receive the Deseret News National Edition, including Church News, in each week’s issue. This is for our paid subscribers in southeast Utah and southwest Colorado.
We hope you enjoy these new services. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 435-587-2277, or email us at
• • • • •
We are looking for fun ways to experience San Juan County. In fact, we are looking for at least 101 ideas for this summer.
The San Juan Record will publish a special section, 101 Ways to Experience San Juan County, in coming weeks.
We would love to have your input while we prepare the special section.
If you have any suggestions, please let us know by calling, emailing, or commenting on the San Juan Record Facebook page.
• • • • •
We are delighted to add a new member of the San Juan Record staff for the summer months. David Boyle is back home in San Juan County and is helping us implement a number of these changes and new products.
During the school year, David is studying journalism at Brigham Young University. He is anxious to teach his father a thing or two.

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