Readers – and Editor – concerned about lack of civility in our dialogue

I have received a number of comments from readers who are concerned about the lack of civility, in general, in public conversations. I share their concerns.
I fear the continued decline in civility has increasingly negative consequences. The quality of discussion has dropped. Instead of thoughtful interaction between differing parties, we have further polarization and even more entrenched positions.
We do not need to look far away – to national or international issues – for examples of this.
A number of issues are churning in our corner of the world. In order to solve these difficult problems, we need to have a high-level discussion, not nastiness and name calling.
I pledge to do my best to fill the news portion of the San Juan Record with civil and informative news. We intend to report fairly, to avoid taking a single perspective, and to provide a good source of news for San Juan County.
I know, I know, I know. That is a difficult task, but that is our intent.
We expect those who send letters to the Editor to live up to the same standard. Although we rarely do so, we reserve the right to edit letters for length and civility. Please keep letters to less than 500 words.
I love letters to the Editor, which give readers a chance to weigh in on important issues. They serve an important purpose.
Let’s just keep it civil!

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