Still marching ahead

We continue to march ahead at the San Juan Record while implementing our 2020 Vision for the future. One of the biggest developments in a long list of changes is to announce David Boyle as the News Director (see the story on the front page).

David first moved to San Juan County with his parents when we moved to Monticello in June 1994. He grew up here and, since graduating, he spent the past ten years pursuing a variety of great experiences near and far from home.

We are so glad that he is returning to San Juan County. I couldn’t be more pleased (or relieved)!

Creating a news director position is the latest in a long string of changes at the San Juan Record. General changes across our publishing platforms include the expansion of the website, the purchase of Redrock Radio 92.7 FM, and the significant, ongoing structural changes to the weekly newspaper.
When we developed the 2020 Vision strategy, we knew it would be an interesting year. But no one could have anticipated what 2020 has become.

These changes have not been easy to implement and have been in response to a difficult market situation, culminating in the incredible upheaval associated with a worldwide pandemic, with its significant health, business, education, community, and economic ramifications. Of course, most of us are facing upheaval in one way or another.

Thank you for your patience and support as we continue to fight through these issues. There are brighter days ahead!

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