Thank you for 43 years

by Bill Boyle
Forty years ago, as a fifth grade student about to enter the sixth grade, I was furious because Wayne Erickson was leaving Monticello and I wouldn’t have a chance to be in his band.
He had been in Monticello for several years and had built the best small school band in the state, culminating in the Monticello High School marching band going to the Calgary Stampede and being named the best American band.
I was anxious to do what every other kid in town had done: join the band. I got over it a few years later when I went to Snow College and was finally able to play in Wayne’s band.
Monticello benefitted from its association with Wayne for the next 30 years. At Snow College and then at Utah Valley University, a long line of Monticello High graduates had the opportunity to pursue a college education because of music scholarships that Erickson helped arrange.
It is fair to say that Wayne Erickson has helped provide more scholarships to MHS graduates than all of the sports programs combined.
Five years ago, I called Wayne for his assistance and recommendations as the school began the process of recruiting a new music teacher. Imagine our excitement when he placed his name at the top of our list.
While the community benefited from his wonderful energy in the early 1970, since he returned, nearly 40 years later, we have benefited from his energy and his accumulated wisdom.
It is time, 44 years after he first arrived at Monticello High School, to give a heartfelt thank you to Wayne Erickson for a spectacular career.
Thank you for your hours of service, for your loyalty to this community from near and far away, and for the impact you have had on all of us.
I am so glad that Wayne was able to return. But please don’t mention it to my youngest son. Joseph is about to enter the sixth grade and he is furious because Wayne Erickson is leaving the school and he won’t have a chance to be in Wayne’s band....
• • • • •
The Carson and Barnes Circus made a stop in San Juan County over the weekend, with two performances in Monticello.
The arrival of the circus was also marked by the arrival of a protest by PETA against the treatment of animals by the circus, and particularly the treatment of the elephants.
Circus-goers report that the circus was fun and the animals seemed happy.
It is the second week in a row that left-leaning outsider groups have complained about rampaging elephants in San Juan County.

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