Website improvements and 2019 visitor guides

We are proud to announce a new look for the online version of the San Juan Record. 

Beginning with this issue, online subscribers who log in to read the paper will see a new interface with the online version.

While the general website at includes about a dozen stories a week, it does not include the full version of the weekly paper.  In contrast, the online version includes the entire issue of the paper. The new interface will allow us to offer additional content to online subscribers that may not be in the print issue.

The online version is available to all subscribers of the newspaper. Just let us know your email address and we will get you set up. In addition, an online-only subscription can be purchased for $30 a year.

Access to the paper through the online portal is free of charge through the month of July. At the website, simply click a button in the upper right corner labeled “Subscription Access” to see the paper.

Let us know how you like our new feature!


This is just the latest in a series of changes that we are making to implement our 2020 Vision for the future with the San Juan Record. The new online version, print changes, a new website, and the purchase of Redrock Radio are just the beginning of the changes.

Stay tuned for more announcements in the near future.

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For at least 101 reasons, we are not able to publish the 101 Ways to Experience San Juan County visitor guides this year. Count it as another casualty of the coronavirus pandemic that has brought a public health crisis, as well as an economic crisis, to San Juan County.

We generally distribute the guides by the tens of thousands each year throughout the area. The guide is a joint project between the San Juan Record and the San Juan Chamber of Commerce.

Despite no 2020 guide, we are distributing approximately 4,000 extra copies of the 2019 guide in this extraordinary year.

Last year, we received a generous grant from San Juan County Visitor Services that allowed us to print a second run of the visitor guides. At the time, we thought it was unfortunate that the printing was late in the summer and we had quite a few leftover guides.

Fast forward to the unprecedented challenges of 2020 and we now feel fortunate that there were leftover guides from 2019. Between the undistributed copies we have on hand and the repurposed copies that were left over in some locations, we are delivering copies of the 2019 guide to area businesses and visitor locations. 

While there are not as many visitor guides as we would distribute in a normal year, this is certainly not a normal year!

When 2020 is nothing more than a strange memory, I hope we can return stronger than ever in 2021 and into the future.

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