Miss ARL Heritage

Kheirra Keith is the current Miss ARL Heritage from Albert R Lyman Middle School in Blanding.
The seventh grade student is the daughter of Shawnee and Michelle Keith.
Miss ARL Heritage is a leadership opportunity to promote culture diversity and awareness through leadership and modeling. 
Through this opportunity Kheirra hopes to also gain a better insight of her own heritage and motivation to speak publicly. To learn more of her Navajo language. 
Kheirra will carry the title to educate and inform others about her culture, to inspire younger girls to step out of their comfort zone, and to bring awareness that it’s never too late to learn your language or heritage.
For her modern talent, she did sign language to bring awareness as another form of communication.
For her traditional talent, she sang in Navajo. This is a way for her to learn the Navajo Language and to continue to speak it further.

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