New use for buildings

San Juan Counseling, San Juan Public Health, and the San Juan Health Service Clinic in Blanding are now comfortably at home in a beautiful new building in Blanding.
With the move, the three health entities abandoned their existing facilities.
The future use of the facilities is coming into focus.
The San Juan Counseling building on South Main Street in Blanding has been purchased by Britt Barton.  It will eventually become the home of Primary Residential Mortgage.
The Public Health building on East Center Street in Blanding has been purchased by Hannah and Tyler Bailey. They are considering opening a day spa at the location.
Utah State University (USU) is reportedly looking at the San Juan Health Service District clinic in Blanding.  The clinic is adjacent to the Four Corners Regional Care Center.
It is reported that USU may use the facility for the university’s successful health care programs.

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