San Juan County student athletes receive Academic All-State honors

Nine high school student athletes representing San Juan County earned Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA) Academic All-State honors for the 2022-23 winter sports season.
To qualify for Academic All-State, student athletes are required to be seniors with a 4.0 cumulative grade point average and be a contributing member of a varsity team.
Congratulations to these excellent student athletes for their hard work and dedication in both scholastic and athletic pursuits.
The UHSAA has presented the Academic All-State Award for over 25 years to recognize students who excel in the classroom as well as in athletic competition. Individuals are selected for the award on the basis of their athletic ability and academic proficiency.

Ian Johnson
San Juan High School

Head Coach Jeff Johnson: “Ian’s biggest strength on the basketball court is definitely his intelligence and IQ. We could always count on him understanding the game plan and what strategy we had for each game. He always knew where to be and how to defend his opponent and take away their strengths.
As a team we were always undersized and he was constantly asked to guard bigger players. We never had to worry about this this as he was up to the challenge all year. San Juan basketball will miss his versatility both on the court as a player and off it as he was always able to bridge the gap from the older players to the younger players and had a knack to involve everyone and bring the younger players along as a friend and example.
As a coach I am proud of the way he played and handled himself all year. Having your dad as the coach can be a hard thing to deal with sometimes. I feel lucky to have spent these last four years with him as part of the San Juan basketball coaching staff.”

Josie Lott
San Juan High School
Drill team

Head Coach Camie Nielson: “Josie has been a member of the dance team for four years and I feel very fortunate to have coached her. Josie is an exceptional student who has a strong work ethic. She manages her time well between school work, and extracurricular activities. Josie puts her heart and soul into everything she is involved in.
“She is an incredible leader, motivator, and friend to everyone. Josie makes everyone around her feel happy and safe. Josie enjoys spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, traveling, and dancing. Josie plans to attend college, continue dancing and working towards her degree.”

Leah Castellon
San Juan High School
Drill team

Head Coach Camie Nielson: “Leah has been a member of the dance team for four years and has also been involved in other sports such as soccer, track, and cross country. Leah is super witty and so much fun to be around. One of Leah’s most impressive qualities is that she is an extremely hard worker.
“She understands the value of hard work and has shown it in many aspects of her life. Her hobbies are playing soccer and dancing any chance she gets. Leah plans to go to college and work toward her degree in Architectural Engineering.

Rachel Castellon
San Juan High School
Drill team

Head Coach Camie Nielson: “I have coached Rachel for three years on the dance team and have been honored to do so. I wholeheartedly believe Rachel will be successful in any path she chooses in life because of her perseverance and positive attitude. She truly is an inspiration to others and a delight to be around.
“Rachel enjoys reading, watching Netflix, baking, and listening to music. Education has always been important to Rachel and she makes it a priority to stay on top of her studies. Rachel will attend college and explore her options in finding a degree.

Saylor Perkins
San Juan High School
Drill team

Head Coach Camie Nielson: “I have coached Saylor on the dance team for four years and I am honored to have had that time with her. She has been involved in other sports and activities such as cross country and starring in school plays/musicals.
“Saylor is very kind and has an amazing ability to lift others. She has a contagious laugh and a smile that can brighten anyone’s day. She enjoys taking naps, reading, writing, watching movies, and doing anything outdoors.
“Saylor is an extremely hard worker and takes her schooling seriously. She has done extremely well for herself academically. Her plans are to go to college and work toward her degree in Psychology.”

Emma Peterson
Monticello High School

Head Coach Kerri Murdock: “Emma is an incredible and trustworthy person. She always puts the work in to put her best foot forward in everything she does. Emma is not a quitter; she has a can-do attitude and will not let anything stand in her way. She is calm, collected, and incredibly persistent.
“She is someone you can rely on to help get anything done. Her determination will get her through many difficulties. She has the characteristics and values to be desired by any team or organization.
“Emma also has a wonderful talent for music. She has been very successful in band and piano. She is helping others develop and find their talents by helping in the sixth grade band class.”

Hannah Crowley
Monticello High School

Head Coach Kerri Murdock: “Hannah is one of the most thoughtful community members you will ever meet. She is also kind and always there to lift anyone up and encourage others to do their best, whether it’s for cheer or other activities in school or the community.
“She has an astonishing work ethic and is very passionate about everything she does. She is always willing to step in where she is needed and do it with a smile. You will never see her with a negative or bad attitude. Hannah is a great example to her peers not only in cheer but wherever she is.”

Kamron Yoakam
Monticello High School

Head Coach Kerri Murdock: “Kamron can make absolutely anyone laugh within seconds. She has a carefree loving attitude that she is not afraid to share. Her confidence and ambition to succeed is contagious. She always looks on the bright side of things which always lifts others up.
“She strives to bring unity and school spirit to Monticello High School and she always has a positive attitude. She participates in so many activities, including cheer, theatre, choir, band, and student council. If something doesn’t come easy, you will find her putting the hard work in to get it done, laughing the whole time.”

Yanba Lee
Monticello High School

Head Coach Kerri Murdock: “Yanba is always willing to try new things and will work hard to do her absolute best. She has a calm demeanor which always helps alleviate any stressful situation.
“She is always willing to help others out and makes sure everyone has a positive experience. She can make anyone smile and has a kind heart and sharp wit which helps her excel in her classes. She’s involved in her school by serving as the President of the Unity Club.
“She can connect to anyone and works hard to bring others together. Yanba is reliable and dedicated. She’s not afraid to put the extra time in to make sure she gives everything her best. Yanba is the kind of teammate and person you want to be associated with.”

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