History Fair honors triumph, tragedy

“Triumph and Tragedy” is the theme of the annual History Fair that was held on April 1 at the Utah State University Blanding campus.
Students from Monticello and Blanding participated in the annual event, with the top finishers qualifying for a spot at the state History Fair later this month.
A total of 63 projects were entered into the competition, with entries for students in junior high and high school.
In the high school competition, the top historical papers are Attack on Pearl Harbor by Ivy Palmer and The Space Race by Macy Badger. Honorable mention to Jaxon Togerson and Adri Lewis.
The top exhibits are Little Rock Nine by Olivia Christensen and The Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster by Orissa Beh. Honorable mention to Alexa Peterson.
The top group exhibits are Journey to Zion by Tyler Shumway, Madison Palmer, Brittany Grover and Hayley Shumway, and The Unbreakable Code by Isaac Jacobs and Frankie Tohgonnie. Honorable mention to Adrienne Montano, Kiah Lucero, Kashanna White, and Me’shel Etcitty.
The top group documentaries are Maxim Machine Gun by Joe Boyle and Hyrum Johnson, and The New Deal by Makya Williams and Joshua Grover. Honorable mention to Shelbie Musselman and Naomi Mantz.
The top individual documentary is The July Crisis: Before the Seminal Catastrophe by Dillon Slack.
The top group website is Attack on Pearl Harbor by Alexander Lott and Brandon Walker, while the top website is War Brides by Sable Gallegos.
The top group performance is Selma to Montgomery by Staten Perkins, Kaitlyn Crippen, Emma Ward, and Sophia Redd, and The Navajo Code Talkers by Tiana Sam, Kristin Cly, Riana James, Christian Cly, and Esperanza Lee. Honorable mention to Carson Wells and Tate Ramsay.
The top individual performances are An American World War I Mother by Tessa Goodwine, and The Destruction of Pompeii by Barbara Abernathy.
Top junior high exhibits include Spencer: Princess of Wales by Abbi Christensen, and Robert E. Lee by Yanba Lee. Honorable mention to KayLea Spillman.
The top group exhibits are Takeo Yoshikawa by Adri Bird and Emmry Wilcox, and The Invasion of Utah: CCC camps by Avery Shumway, Amy Lewis, and Jade Nielson. Honorable mention to Rosy Beh and Lillie Ballard.
The top junior high documentaries are Commencement of War by Jalen Bradford and Olive English, and The Sand Creek Massacre by Nadia Armajo.
The top junior high papers are Malala Yousafzai’s Triumph Against the Taliban by Josie Lott and The Enigma of Alan Turing by Olivia Alleman. Honorable mention to Connor Montella.
San Juan High School participated for the first time in several years.
Teachers leading the effort include Jana Rogers, Ryan Palmer, Kayla Vernon, Shane Musselman, Josh Keyes, Koryn Knudsen, and Lynda Boyle.

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