San Juan School District welcomes students back

by Ron Nielson
Superintendent of Schools
If your day needs a quick dose of enthusiasm and positive energy, go to any San Juan School District elementary school at 7:45 a.m. on a weekday and just watch the students enter the building.
You can’t help but be lifted. There truly is nothing quite like it.
I love seeing the yellow buses going to and from, and knowing our students are participating in events that will build lifetime skills and memories.
I love seeing teachers greeting students entering their room with a welcoming, caring voice and smile.
I have had the first-hand experience of being able to know the sincerity and devotion that our teachers have for their students, and in such a small thing as a handshake, a smile, or simply hearing their name, students feel the devotion and dedication their teacher has for them in a huge way.
Yes, all this means we are back in school and the 2022-23 school year is underway. We are excited and we are ready.
The school year for the SJSD staff team began on August 15 when all staff came together for a team day. In that day were able to focus on high priority goals and our next steps in achieving them.
We also heard from a couple of great presenters who reminded us of the power of “one caring adult” in the life of a child. Research shows powerful things happen when a child knows there is a least one caring adult in his/her world.
I want all parents and stakeholders to know that we consider it a great honor and privilege to get to work with the youth of this county. It is our greatest honor to be trusted in such a place of influence.
We recognize that we play a great role in not just academic development, but also social and emotional development.
We strive each day to be a welcoming and successful partner with parents and stakeholders in truly making a positive difference in the lives of our students.
We appreciate very much the efforts you make to also be a successful partner.
As always, we invite you to visit our schools and classrooms. Please feel welcome to come ask questions or even suggest improvement in areas you see we are falling short.
We are a system of learners, both adults and kids, and working closely with parents and stakeholders, we will make 2022-23 a great school year!

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