Line Camp Steakhouse is your steak place

by Mary Cokenour
Do you have a hankering for some tender, juicy beef? Then Line Camp Steakhouse can accommodate your taste buds with perfectly grilled Ribeye or Filet Mignon.
Now I’m not talking about the usual sized steaks you might find in fancier restaurants; I’m talking beef lover’s size!
The owner, Bob Musselman, buys quality cuts of steak from Iowa; Choice cuts which are the next level under Prime.
The steaks are not trimmed down to a dainty 4 ounce portion; oh no, they remain as is, so you’re getting about double the size. After grilling, and those char marks scream delicious, the steaks are so tender that a butter knife can easily do the job.
The taste? Oh my, my; putting any additional seasoning or condiment would be sacrilegious in the eyes of any true steak lover.
Now, for whatever reason, you might not feel, or be able to eat, steak, Line Camp does offer an assortment of Pork, Chicken and Seafood dishes. For example, the Salmon on a Cedar Plank is moist and flaky, with a hint of that smoky cedar.
The price for each meal encompasses the main dish, huge dinner salad (the Deviled Eggs are truly wicked!), Line Camp Beans, Garlic Toast, Roughlock Potatoes or Baked Potato and Pickled Asparagus. The portions are generous, so better have a wheel barrel ready to help you get out to your vehicle.
By the way, Bob Musselman is a character himself, and you will have a fun time listening to his stories. When he talks about his food though, you can tell he loves what he does; there is passion under that roughened cowboy exterior.
Line Camp is also great for any celebration meal; an awesome meal for saying goodbye to San Juan County after visiting the area for a while; a congratulatory dinner after accomplishing a long hike or climb.
Catering is available for holidays, receptions, office party; and of course you can stay the night at the Runnin’ Iron Inn, or camp out at the Roughlock RV Park. Think of it as your one stop place for relaxation and a delicious dinner.

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