Fresh and homemade, that’s the Homestead Steakhouse

by Mary Cokenour
The 21st Century is one of fast, fast, fast; practically everything at your fingertips due to the advances of technology.
Even food has become fast; prepackaged at convenience stores; gas up and go! Many a restaurant has gone the way of “fast” by purchasing frozen food items; microwave, serve and sort of tell the truth by saying, “Yes, we make it fresh.”
Homestead Steakhouse has been in business for many years. Owners Gary and Sharon Guymon do not readily use the word “fast” in their vocabulary.
Dining at Homestead is a relaxing experience; those who want grab and go cannot understand this concept. Once seated in the interior dining room, or the new, glass enclosed patio room (built in 2015); the drink order is readily taken. You are given as much time as you need to go through the menu; questions about the items are answered, perhaps a suggestion or two is offered.
The best-selling feature for Homestead is the freshly made soups, salads, sides and main dishes. The soup and salad bar area is a mecca for those who highly enjoy them; two soups typically; one always is their signature homemade bean chili.
I happened to be there on a night they served New England Clam Chowder; chunks of tender clams and potatoes in a lightly seasoned, thick, rich creamed stock.
One prized item in the salad bar selections is Sharon’s own “Krab and Pasta Salad”; perfectly cooked pasta mixed with krab (imitation crab meat), diced veggies, and just the right amount of mayonnaise to hold it all together, and make it light.
There is the chunky potato salad, Italian style pasta salad; even cottage cheese and fruit for those looking for even more healthy choices. Veggies galore are spread out throughout the salad bar; one trip, or all you can eat, are both a great choice.
Are you hankering for a steak? Homestead hand cuts their Angus Beef; Baby Back Ribs with a choice of smoky or hot barbecue sauces; Fried Chicken and don’t forget to order a side of homemade mashed potatoes.
Mmm, ain’t nothing better than Utah Farmed Red Trout; dusted with cornmeal and pan fried; except when they used to serve catfish done the same way. Sorry Gary and Sharon, but that was my favorite meal whenever we stopped in at your restaurant; the trout is a nicely done substitute though.
Looking for something truly local, the Navajo Taco is huge, and can be made with either Fry or Ash Bread.
So, let’s get back to that fast thing; since the meals are cooked up freshly, they don’t get to you in five minutes; so have patience grasshopper. While you’re eating (portions are generous), the waitress stops by often to ask if you need drink refills, and to find out if everything is to your liking.
If you’re like my hubby and myself, you’ve spent so much time enjoying soup, salad, main entrée and sides to be too full for dessert. No? Then how about trying out a slab of pie or cheesecake; perhaps warm cobbler with a scoop of ice cream. After all this, you’ll surely need that wheel barrow to help you out to your vehicle.
Is there an event happening in your family (birthday, anniversary, etc.) and you need a place to celebrate?
The owners will gladly accommodate your party, whether you need the entire restaurant, or only a section.
Sorry folks, Blanding is a dry town, so no alcohol products are available. But that should never deter you from having a downhome, good meal at the Homestead Steakhouse.
Homestead Steakhouse, 121 E. Center, Blanding, UT, 84511, 435-678-3456. website

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