A “Giant” plea for help

by Buckley Jensen

We have published 28 of 29 installments in the ongoing “Giants of San Juan” series.

I have enjoyed researching the lives of the great men and woman featured so far. Each of them have made contributions to the richness of our legacy in San Juan County. They are examples of dedication and excellence and they inspire all of us to try to stand on their noble shoulders.


If you are interested in having your famous (or even infamous) friend or relative considered for publication, would you please send or hand deliver information on that individual to the San Juan Record or better yet send it to me at P.O. Box 608 in Monticello (84535) or hand deliver it to my home at 317 N. 100 West in Monticello. A picture is also required.

Anything submitted will be carefully returned to you.

Requirements for consideration in the “Giants of San Juan” series.

• Must be deceased.

• Must have lived most of their live in San Juan County, or have had a significant influence on the County in some way.

• Length of article cannot exceed one newspaper page in length, including pictures.

And therein lies the biggest challenge of all. How do you condense the life of a Calvin Black, or a Dorothy Adams or a Harold Drake Jr. into a single newspaper page?

All submissions will be considered. We cannot guarantee that all will be published. They will be returned to sender within 30 days of publication, or within 30 days of submission if your person is not selected for publication.

Some of the people we would like to feature, but have been unable to find adequate information on include: William Morley Black, Charles E. Walton, Jane Walton, Peter Allen, Hanson Bayles, Wilmer Wharton Bronson, Nephi Bailey, Edson Black, Parley R. Butt, Thomas M. Carroll, C. Lingo Christensen, James Bean Decker, Joseph B. and Lucy Ashton Harris, Francis A. Hammond, Thales Haskell, George Hobbs, George Arthur Hurst, Frederick I. Jones, James Parley Johnson.

Platt D. Lyman, William E. Oliver, Lucy Zing Lyman, Karl R. Lyman, Parley Redd, Wayne H. Redd, John D. Rogers, John Rogerson, John R. Young, Phil Hurst, John Rogers and Lloyd Bayles.

You will know the person you submit far better than this writer does. It takes hours and hours for me to read a long personal history.

PLEASE, if you can, make a few pages of notes from you personal experience with this person. That would save me untold hours, and frankly, will make the likelihood of publication greater.

Things to include in your notes or to highlight in a life history book would be.

1. Brief life sketch

2 Business, Church, Political or Social positions held.

Stories and anechdotes.

Faith building inspirational experiences.

Family information e.g. names of wife(ves) and children. The approximate number of their living posterity today.

A brief genealogical summary so readers can see how they fit into our San Juan Family.

ANYTHING else you think would be illuminating, humorous, or memorable.

For a complete list of those great San Juaners who have already been featured in our “Giants of San Juan” series go to San Juan Record’s web site at sjrnews.com

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