Glenis Pearson

San Juan County Treasurer

My name is Glenis Pearson, and I am running for a third term as San Juan County Treasurer.

We have a great heritage as Americans!  I believe we need to protect our freedoms and return to the basic principles on which our nation was founded.  I would like to be part of “a wise and frugal government” advocated by Thomas Jefferson.  I support cuts in government spending and balanced budgets. I support decentralization of government so that more power is exercised by State and local governments.

I believe that government should not place an undue burden on its citizens.  I would like to foster government that, instead of being a master, remains a servant protecting the rights of the people.  I seek a government that is both efficient and accessible.  I believe in the power of citizens to effect change and I will strive to make a positive difference.

We all have to pay property tax. No one likes it: As the saying goes “the only things certain in life are death and taxes.” But as citizens we do receive services in return for the taxes we pay. One of my major roles as an elected official is to ensure that the tax process runs smoothly every year.

The tax process might be compared to a stream. It begins in the Recorder’s office when you record your property deed. It then flows to the Assessor’s office for classification and value assessment. Along the way the Surveyor assists with land surveying issues. Next the tax stream flows to the Clerk’s office for application of tax rates and last to the Treasurer’s office for invoicing and collection. Tax receipts are then used to pay for services for taxpayers. Each part of the tax process is important, but we strive to keep the taxpayer foremost in mind.

I thought you might like to review where your tax dollars go: Based on 2019 tax distributions, approximately 56 percent goes to local schools, 27 percent goes to San Juan County, seven percent goes to San Juan Health Service District, six percent goes to Cities and Cemeteries and four percent goes to County Water Conservancy Districts.

An important component to success is working with capable, service-oriented people. Marty Shupe has been serving in the Treasurer’s office as Deputy Treasurer, and I would like to thank her for her outstanding work. Marty’s work ethic can be seen throughout all the County Departments and special thanks to them for their hard work and dedication.

I am excited to be running for a third term as Treasurer and look forward to the future in our County. All of us can work to make that future better by being involved and being part of the solutions. Interaction with citizens is the best part of my job so please let us know how we may help you. It is an honor to serve as Treasurer and I appreciate your support very much!

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