Greg Hughes

Greg Hughes has consistently fought for the people of rural Utah as he has worked tirelessly to fight for their right to manage and control the lands within their communities. 

The Utah Legislature, under Hughes leadership, led efforts to encourage the federal government to allow more state and local control of public lands. After Obama used Utah lands for political payback to his environmental extremist supporters by creating the 1.35 million-acre Bears Ears National Monument on his way out the door in December 2016, Speaker Greg Hughes worked with President Trump to reduce it and return access to the people. While reaching out behind the scenes to work with the new Trump administration, Greg also sponsored H.C.R.11, Concurrent Resolution Urging the President to Rescind the Bears Ears National Monument Designation to publicly make clear the broad state leadership support for the reversal.

Greg understands that state/local management and control of Utah’s public lands is paramount for our communities in building viable, sustainable rural economies that will support residents and their families and provide adequate educational opportunities for children throughout the state. Those closest to the land are generally best at knowing how to weigh competing demands that include protecting historic and culturally significant sites, preserving scenic gems in our landscape, reducing restrictions on recreational use, and development.

As governor, Greg Hughes will continue the fight that he successfully waged while in the State Legislature to work with federal officials and the Trump Administration to allow Utah more ability to manage its lands. At the current time, one of the biggest stumbling blocks to progress on greater state control is the lack of support from Utah officials to work with a friendly administration in identifying and working toward solutions. We have had too many leaders who are willing to say the right things during election season and are happy to put together committees and commissions to study the issues but turn and run when it’s time to stand up and represent the people who elected them.

This state needs a strong leader who’s not afraid to wage a battle that won’t be easy, won’t be fast, and won’t win universal support or approval from liberals and environmentalists who don’t care about Utah and its way of life. We need a leader who’s willing to fight against those who believe that the only viable rural economy is a tourist economy, one that will provide a weekend playground for themselves and their friends to visit, while decimating the lives of the people who live there. 

Only one candidate for governor has proven not only his willingness, but his ability, to get things done when it comes to fighting for our rural communities against the tide of environmental activism that seeks to destroy our agriculture, grazing, and recreation on and around public lands. Only one candidate can be trusted to say the same things in two years that he’s saying now, and that’s Greg Hughes. Learn more at

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