Group appeals Latigo wind farm permit

While crews are busily working on the Latigo Wind Park northwest of Monticello, another group has filed a protest to the San Juan County Planning Commission.
The protest seeks to rescind a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) which was issued for the wind park in July, 2012.
The next regularly-scheduled meeting of the Planning Commission is September 3 at 7 p.m. in Monticello. Officials state that the Planning Commission may change the date and time of the meeting in order to meet the needs of various groups.
The protest to the CUP states that the permit expired after one year and is no longer in effect. They add that changes were made to the project outside of the scope of the CUP.
The Latigo Wind Park is now owned by sPower, a Salt Lake City-based firm. sPower states that the CUP is still valid and have moved ahead on the project.
Work crews plan to substantially complete the estimated $125 million project by December, 2015. The park will feature 27 massive wind turbines that will be visible from La Sal Junction to Cahone, CO. The towers are 308 feet high, with the wind turbines rising an additional 75 feet.
The general sentiment at public meetings and in community surveys shows support for the project. However, there are a number of concerned area residents who oppose the new project.
“The public comment process of this was a joke,” said Monticello resident David Koptka. Koptka owns property along the proposed power line and said he is concerned about the location of the project so close to Monticello city limits.
“The location is the only gripe I have,” said Koptka.
A group of landowners is also actively opposing the project. The landowners own an 80-acre parcel that is completely surrounded by the wind park. sPower said that they worked on a purchase option with the land owners but it expired in February, 2015.

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