Host of new changes at “Coin-Up Laundry”

If you have had the opportunity to visit the laundry mat at 232 East Center Street in Monticello, you may have noticed a few changes. New owners Toby and Jill Pearson have made quite a few improvements over the last few months.
The most obvious is the new paint on the walls and floor. The Buckaroo logo is used to show support of the local high school. The mountain silhouettes may look familiar, although the wall they are painted on does not coincide with the direction you look out the window to see them.
There are new folding tables, chairs and rolling baskets to help patrons feel more comfortable while they wait for their laundry to wash or dry.
The best new feature is a row of brand new washers, including a 60 lb washer that will hold large comforters, sleeping bags, rugs or whatever large item you have not been able to fit in any other washer.
Next are two 40 lb washers that work perfectly for heavy items such as jeans that take two or three loads to wash in a standard size machine.
There are also five new 20 lb machines that hold an average-size load.
All the new washers are front load, which means they clean efficiently and quickly. You can choose from six different settings, three each in Hot, Warm, or Cold water, and they all rinse in cold water. 
The laundry mat was built roughly 35 years ago by Bob Low. The building design was praised by Evan’s Laundry of Salt Lake City, who installed the new washers. They said Bob did a great job of placing washers and dryers to make it easy to maintain. Bob’s sign remains on the building (for now).
Kevin Francom at Monticello Mercantile helped with the name “Coin-Up Laundry” because of a typo or miscommunication.
The Pearsons thought it was clever, with the Buckaroo logo, so they kept it.
If you need to catch up on your laundry, you should check it out. The bright, clean atmosphere will make doing this chore a pleasure.

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